Wednesday, 22 January 2014

News Happy Birthday John Hurt

Happy Birthday John Hurt

Happy Birthday John

Did you know that on this day in 1966,

The Abandoned Planet, Episode 11 of Season 3’s The Dalek’s Masterplan was broadcast, starring William Hartnell and companions Peter Purves, Jean Marsh and Adrienne Hill.  Writer: Dennis Spooner and Director: Douglas Camfield.

The story saw the Doctor joining forces with secret agents Bret Vyon and Sara Kingdom (Jean Marsh) in order to stop Mavic Chen and the Daleks from constructing the Time Destructor...

Also in 1972, Episode 4 of Season 9’s Day of the Daleks broadcast, starring Jon Pertwee and companions Katy Manning, Nicholas Courtney, John Levene and Richard Franklin.  Director: Paul Bernard and Writer: Louis Marks.

The story told of guerrillas from a Dalek controlled twenty second century travelling back in time to prevent WWIII.

In 1977, Episode 4, Season 14, The Face of Evil was broadcast.  Tom Baker was the Doctor with Louise Jameson as his new companion Leela.  Writer: Robert Holmes and Director: David Maloney.

The Doctor was back on Gallifrey, framed for the murder of the President...

You celebrate your birthday with another star of Doctor Who.

Tommy Knight who played Luke in Sarah Jane Adventures is 21 today.  Tommy began his acting career at the age of 9 in the series TV to Go.  In 2008 he acted alongside David Tennant in two episodes of Doctor Who.  Fans can now find him regularly playing a pupil in Waterloo Road.

Picture and reference source:
Mark Campbell’s Doctor Who: Pocket Essential book

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