Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Coffee Shop Greetings from Portugal by Gabriela Phalempin

Greetings from Portugal Torchwood Agents around the world!

By Gabriela Phalempin

Through Twitter I’ve kindly been invited to post my tribute to this show that I’ve grown to enjoy. When I say grow, I mean it literally, because I’ve never been a sci-fi fan. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a proud geek and bookworm, but apart from the Star Wars saga, the style has never quite kicked in on me.

A friend of mine – a true Whovian – not only introduced me to Doctor Who, but explained to me the intersection of the two shows and their creators and writers. I’m not a connoisseur and, as far as Doctor Who goes, I’ve seen some episodes on and off. David Tennant and Matt Smith I adore and Alex Kingston is just brilliant. Some episodes really grabbed me, but others not so much, I must confess.

Travelling along with Shakespeare, Van Gogh, Agatha Christie, Queen Victoria and the Nazis thrilled me, but sometimes I got a bit disappointed. I beg you to forgive, I really feel like betraying my own kin by writing so, but it’s just the way I feel.

NOW, when it comes to Torchwood…I missed Season 1 and, due to work, watched Season 2 as much as I could and became addicted! Seasons 3 and 4 became a scapegoat to whatever went wrong in everyday life and fulfilled my long time passions. I love with History, conspiracys, plots, politics, diplomacy and law. So, as you can imagine, creating a world where it all melts could only fascinate me!

Season 3 put together science fiction and the real life diplomacy we live in. Pointing fingers, governmental crisis, choosing who to sacrífice – does it ring any bells?

Season 4 was a bit too “americanized” I reckon and must confess to want it back in the UK. However, real secret agencies completely at a loss, extermination camps, a plot to install a new order? Again, the entire world facing a threat, facing real choices, sorting amongst their people, “jumping” legislation, creating new one. It’s terrorism in the alien form.

Torchwood is almost lecturing us how to behave or how to see ourselves/where do we stand right now, today!

In my opinion, Rex should have not survived. In the end, he was owing his life. Even taking my hat off to the trick that he and Esther pulled with Jack’s blood, there can only be one Jack Harkness. Jack is Jack. He’s unique! How is Russell T. Davies going to get out of this?

Whatever he does, please do not take Gwen out! She created what I like to call “The Gwen Cooper Method”: when everybody’s thinking hard, panicking, wasting precious time and being extremely cautious, she comes bursting in, making a huge fuss with a risky move that, not only combined with the others hard work, ends up saving the day, but makes Rhys despair. Lets face it, what’s more amusing than Rhys despairing?

Oh, one more little thing! Wouldn’t it be interesting if Lois Habiba were to be part of Torchwood? Gwen certainly gave it up a bit when she helped them with the intel through the contact lenses and she certainly has the skills.

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