Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Coffee Shop Fan Art

Fan Art

This month’s fan art was initially based upon Greeks Bearing Gifts and Toshiko Sato, but searching on the internet didn’t turn up many pieces of artwork that weren’t in some way leaning towards Anime, and often didn’t really cover Toshiko as we know her in Torchwood.  However one particular drawing featured by artist atlantiss505 captured my eye, the bold and striking black and white sketch of our tech wizard, Toshiko, was almost flawless by design.  Such attention to detail, and although I’m no art buff I know what I like, and this artist covered every basis and ticked every box. 

On her deviant art page you can also view her other designs, they are very impressive, I especially love the Ianto Jones drawing. 

Going with the non-themed Fan Art we received more sketches by our young artist Mackenzie Hagerman.  Mackenzie is 15 years of age, a huge fan of both Doctor Who and Torchwood and also professes to be a Tom Hiddleston fan girl.  She is neurologically atypical, having ADHD and mild autism. Her favourite artists are Jhonen Vasquez and Roman Dirge.

Last month Mackenzie produced for us at Halloween a pirate sketch of Captain Jack Harkness, and it was the way she captured the eyes in the drawing that I fell in love with. 

This time Mackenzie treats us to her love of Doctor Who and a little bit of Jack Harkness, and again it’s the expressions upon the characters faces that you can imagine what they’re thinking.

The eyes definitely have it!

If you have a piece of Torchwood or Who artwork that you'd like to share with us, then please contact us by email, Twitter, and/or Facebook.

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