Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Coffee Shop Caption Comp Small Worlds

Caption Comps

Small Worlds

Toshiko:  Is it me or are the bloody mozzies getting bigger? Hand me the Super Size bug spray love.....Quick!!!

Jack:  Rodney, hippy faerie proudly shows off his dance moves to Roy after hearing his favourite band on the CD player earlier

Jack:  You put your left foot in, your left foot out!!!

Carol-Anne Hillman "Gay..I meant you're gay...not a Fairy!"

Claudia Lindner: Roy: "Don't blame me - I told you it's avocado barbecue dip, not a new moisturizer!"

Jack: In a bid to drum up more support Jack enlists Gwen to help him spread the word - Torchwood - the new religion!

Carol-Anne Hillman "I told you, I want to be an Estate Agent in Splo."

If you want to add more to this or to the other, please continue in the Comment box provided, would love to hear your captions.  If you want to get involved in more Caption comps, pop on over to the Facebook Page middle of October to get involved in the next one, will try and feature it on Twitter if we can.

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