Monday, 30 September 2013

Articles Jasmine's View by William Green

By William Green

Jasmine from "Small Worlds" clearly had reason to wish to leave her life as a human. A reclusive child like her typically would have imaginary friends. Imaginary friends seem to understand a child like this better than any human could, resulting in a feeling of security which the humans around the child could not create for her.

In Jasmine's case, however, REAL non-human friends filled the same role in her life which would normally be filled by imaginary friends in most other reclusive children’s' lives.
One of the worst experiences a child can have is the threat of being taken by a paedophile. The Faeries saved her from a paedophile, who was, of course, human.

Jasmine's stepfather said to her "No wonder your dad left when you were a baby, he must have seen what was coming". He denied her access to the "forest" by fencing over her access to it. After he hit her, later in the episode, the Faeries saved her from him by going so far as to kill him! He was also human.

Some kids at school would pick on Jasmine-the Faeries saved her from them by way of a wind storm. These girls were also human.

Jasmine laughed after every incident in which the Faeries dealt out consequences to humans who had wronged her, making her devalue humans to some degree. When the Faeries prompted Jasmine to "come away" for good, this gave Jasmine the opportunity to escape what she disliked about her life as a human. She could be superior to a human.

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