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Expo & Cons Blue Gillespie Farewell Gig Cardiff by Kirsty Price

Blue Gillespie

Buffalo Bar, Cardiff 3rd August 2013

It’s been 6 years of hardcore, thumping, rocking music, but now at the time of printing the end is here. Unless you are lucky enough to go to the final, final, final gig in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, on August 30th, Blue Gillespie bowed out on home turf on August 3rd, and I was one of the lucky people to be there.

Blue Gillespie formed in November 2007 and are a metal trio from Newport. They released two EPs and two albums, and are followed by loyal fans, called Gillespians.  The evening started off as usual with the normal stamping of your hand with a little rubberstamp and ink to show you had paid for this privilege, and entering the small but reasonably roomy area of Buffalo Bar, Cardiff, the atmosphere was automatically lively, fans and band members excited for what was to come.

The first on stage, which was decked out with a huge Blue Gillespie banner, was introduced by Gareth, saying how much this particular guy had supported them through the years, and that was Gareth Bennett, otherwise known as G. He played a really good techno set using a laptop which was interesting to watch. Once his set was over, Gareth David Lloyd then thanked him for the past 6 years of support, and the room cheered and clapped. There was then a 10/15 minute break for the audience to go and have a breather outside, or buy fresh drinks, but before long the boys started setting up.

There was a big group of Gillespians standing in front of the stage about to have their photo taken as a last memory or this epic night, when Rhys started to make us laugh, larking about, playing on his guitar setting up to go out with a bang. He did his usual larking and making a show of stripping off to change his top to a series of catcalls, whups and cheers.

After setting up fully the band introduced themselves, and launched into the loudness that is Seven Rages of Man. Being deaf meant this was extremely loud, so I retreated to the back of the room where it was quieter, but not too quiet so I missed stuff. Gareth and Rhys as per usual were headbanging inbetween lyrics, as were the audience, with Nic doing his best to headbang behind a set of drums with a huge pair of headphones on.

I managed to grab the boys, and Gemma Lloyd, Gareth's wife for their last words on the gigs. Here's what they had to say.

Nic : Thank you all. It's been a pleasure.
Rhys : Going out in Style. Great crowd, and awesome people. Loving my life right now. Thank you to everyone who was with us from the start, and those who joined us half way through. Either way, you all rock.
Gemma Lloyd : Amazing! Best last show ever. Hell of a journey, sad to see it end. Awesome to play together for the last time on home turf. Good times had by all.
And last but not least
Gareth : It’s been a hell of a ride, and now... We're out of demons.

At the time of writing, it is not quite over. Blue Gillespie have one last Hurrah to make, Alanta next, and it is there Blue Gillespie will play their final gig, and it is there they will bow out for the final time. But don’t stress you guys, Blue Gillespie will always be there. Whenever you have a demon you need to express, Blue Gillespie will be there, rocking as hard as they can.
So from us, your fans, your fellow Gillespians, Blue Gillespie - Thank you for all the hard rocking, headbanging and ridding us of our demons as well as your own.

Blue Gillespie wish to thank their families for all their support, the fans for their constant rocking, Justine for all her support and help throughout the years, Gemma for all patience and support. We've been very lucky to have had the support on a global scale which has helped fulfil our goals from the start. We trust that the Blue Gillespie legacy can be kept alive for our return in the future. Massive thanks to all who made our penultimate performance on Saturday. We love a crowd who puts as much into a gig as we do and you outdid yourselves! Thanks to G for his usual support excellence and to the guys who captured some superb images of the evening. We'll never forget it.

What the fans had to say about the night in question:

Anon : generally quite good overall, Rhys smashed it. He is a superlative musician, first a fantastic bassist and then a technically brilliant guitarist as he brutally demonstrated on Saturday.
Shar Doherty : it was one of the best times I’ve seen them, full of energy they definitely went out on a high
Kath Cordy : Saturday night was brilliant, the boys have come so far together as a band and matured really well.

Rosie Topping : From my usual spot at the front the music pounds through my body. As the music surrounds me, it’s emotional and inspiring. As audience and band, we expunge our demons and come together as one. This is Blue Gillespie and its Gillespians. 

Photos with kind permission from 
Blue Gillespie
Katie Jauncey

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