Saturday, 27 July 2013

The Coffee Shop Ianto's Shrine by Gemma Griffin

Ianto's shrine

By Gemma Griffin 

On the 9th July 2009 during Day Four of Children of Earth we said a sad, teary and emotional farewell to Torchwood’s beloved tea boy Ianto Jones.  In the following weeks fans reacted in many ways one of the most poignant and lasting ways was to create a shrine at the fictional Tourist Information Office/Torchwood entrance on the waterfront of the Mermaid Quay.  It has been recognised by the Mermaid Quay shown by a plaque they have put up, as an important place for fans to gather, it is also included in the new walking tour from the Doctor Who Experience.

Today we visited to replace our tribute and read new tributes and messages.  We spoke to fellow fans from America and England, shared favourite moments and our love for the show.  Many tributes stand out for me, firstly one that is titled RIP Ianto Jones you are greatly missed and never forgotten. I think this sums up the thoughts of every Ianto fan.  

There is also a suit jacket and tie, there are coffee cups, personal messages and a set of pictures I describe as Ianto's adventures, but many of the tributes include Owen, Tosh, Suzie and Myfanwy.

It is a humbling place and one I have visited many times.  As the time passes the tributes fade, we replaced ours today and reattached some that had come loose. I hope other fans will do the same to keep not only the memory of Ianto alive but also the spirit of Torchwood.

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