Monday, 1 July 2013

The Coffee Shop Collections by Kirsty Price

Kirsty’s Collection

When did the collection start and which was the first that set the ball rolling as it were?

Kirsty: I first got into the collection when I was nosing in the old Dr who Experience in the Red Dragon Centre (before it moved to the big one) and spotted a signed James Marsters one (there is a pic of it on its own) and being a huge Spike fan I HAD to have it and it just spiralled from there.

So this would have started during the Second Series then? Is this the full set?

Kirsty: Unfortunately not. I have the whole set, but for some reason certain episodes or series are missing, which I found really annoying. For instance, there is none for To the Last Man, which was one of my favourite episodes. And there is also none for the latest series, Miracle Day, probably because after COE, they stopped producing them.

I take it these kinds of things you can't buy any more?

Kirsty: I haven’t heard of them being available, they did have Dr who ones (which I have one of GDL when he was in Stolen Earth) but they are not even available in the Experience in Cardiff but you can still buy them online at

Do you have any of the magazines?

Kirsty: Yes I do. I have all the magazines, I have kept them all, and occasionally read through them, or if there is something in there I want to keep to frame, I will buy two copies.

Which is your ultimate favourite item that you have, that you wouldn't part for love nor money?

Kirsty: Can i choose two? I think mine would have to be the first stamp cover I had, which is the James Marsters one, and the one which is signed by Richard Briers.

Did you actually see Richard Briers, or were these already pre signed

Kirsty: Yes they were all already signed, but all came with a certificate to show they were the real deal. I have all of the main cast signature ones, but for some reason Burn and Naoko never did one so I haven’t got them.

Bit of a bummer that. It's like with the figures, every figure but Owen

Kirsty: Yeah it sucks. I spent hours looking to be told they’d never done one anyway

What item are you still looking for that you haven't found yet, or one that is still out of your price range?

Kirsty: To be honest I have all the ones for Torchwood, but I really hope that they bring out ones for the episodes/Series they missed, for example To the last man, or Miracle Day.
If anyone who reads this goes to the Dr who Experience, please tell them we need more Torchwood items in the shop and in the experience. I figure the more people who ask the more they will sit up and take notice

How long have you been a fan of Torchwood and which character is your favourite, and had you watched Doctor Who first?

Kirsty: I have been a fan since series two, mainly because I didn’t even know it was on. I only watched it because I read about James Marsters being in series two, and after watching the series, I immediately went out and bought the box set. My favourite character has to be Ianto. Not only is he Welsh, but the stuff he comes out with never fails to make me laugh. I watched one episode of Dr who when it came back, but once I realised who the Dr was, I turned off, mostly because CE scares me. But then when DT came on I started watching it more.

How many of the cast have you met personally and who was the first?

Kirsty: Three. I’ve met Eve once when she was filming COE, and another time when I literally bumped into her in Cardiff, I tripped over a wire and smacked into her. She was with her daughter so I didn’t stay to talk. The others I met are John, and Gareth, Gareth through his band Blue Gillespie, and John at various Book Signings. He was my first meeting at the book signing for his first Autobiography. My Last meeting with him was last year in my home town of Newport where he was filming with Myleene Klass for Antiques Road Show.
Highlight of my year is an understatement.  He was lovely, and really nice to talk to, he was interested in my Cochlear Implant so we had a nice chat about that.

Cool. It kind of makes it all that bit more special when you get to meet them and then see them on tv after.
Kirsty: Yeah it was nice to be watching the Antiques Road Show and think to myself I was there.


  1. Hey, I have the 'Day One' sheet signed by John, also bought at the DW experience. What do the certificates of authenticity look like? Pretty sure mine didn't come with one, despite there being signs up in the shop saying they all did... (I didn't bother until now because I wasn't planning on getting rid of it, but I've decided to make that hard choice where I'd rather have an autograph done in person than premade.)

    1. Hey SJMuler, thought I'd ask around before I got back to you.

      From what I can gather, the DW Experience aren't likely to sell you a fake, but if you have doubts, give them a call. If the 'sheet' was in a frame its likely the certificate of authenticity will be placed behind the backing plate of the frame.

      If you're curious about the actual signature, Check for print marks, or areas in which the ink hasn't worked successfully. Compare the handwriting carefully to others and check for any possible breaks in the writing cause should it have been copied, it's likely they stopped at some point to get it more accurate. If all else fails, try possibly contacting John or his web team asking if it's legit.

      Also you can test by tilting the sheet to see the writing, see if it's raised or flat. If it's raised then that's a signature if it's sunken, it's been printed on.

      I hope these help.