Friday, 26 July 2013

Reviews Mr Invincible Audiobook reviewed by DJ Forrest

Mr Invincible
by DJ Forrest
Read by Tom Price
Written by Mark Morris
Produced by AudioGo Ltd
Running time 1hr 3min
Number of CD’s: 1
Release Date: 1/6/2012

The first thing you notice about this story is that Captain Jack Harkness does not have an American accent.  And the narrator doesn’t have a Welsh one, but when you get passed these two issues, the story is fantastic, Mr Invincible comes across like an overage, over weight Mr Muscle, and Captain Jack along with Sgt Andy, (remember this is after the Miracle) have to solve the case of people ageing before people’s eyes, or being thrown back into childhood. Time is shifting and changing all the time, people are ageing and dying and decomposing in front of others.

Mark Morris, writer of ‘Bay of The Dead’ amongst other titles has us captivated from the first introduction.  When Ross Chapman is shot several times by a would be robber in the petrol station where he works, something is seriously going on, and when Chapman becomes Mr Invincible, a super hero, Sgt Andy knows that Torchwood would be interested in this case, but when Captain Jack Harkness comes to break the news to Andy that Gwen has been killed, and that he saw it happen, that’s when the story really starts getting interesting. 
This is the first time I’ve heard Tom Price narrate and so it obviously came as a shock to me that the typical Welsh accent we’re so used to hearing actually belongs to Andy. 
Mark Morris knows how to tell a story and knowing how well ‘Bay of the Dead’ had me nervously turning over the pages, Mr Invincible was somewhat different, in the fact there were no zombies, but you had to pay attention, you couldn’t wander off and do something else, and return picking up where you left off.  This story required a lot of thought, mostly because there was more than one person to think about, what was causing these people to die, to come back to life, what was causing the Mr Invincible to be Mr Invincible?  Initially my thoughts were that this was about Jack and without Gwen to help him, this was a story of Jack relying upon another of Cardiff’s finest.  Sgt. Andy Davidson. 

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