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Articles Report on Lizzie Lewis by Dr. Owen Harper

 “You saw an echo of a moment amplified by alien technology...”

Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Lewis
17 years old
Only child of Mabel Ann Lewis
Lived at Hafod Street
Died March 29th, 1963
Raped and murdered on Penfro Street

Report by Dr. Owen Harper, Torchwood Officer 565

After the incident at the railway station, Captain J. Harkness wanted to reconstruct the same test again, which meant that Gwen would have to revisit her ‘ghost’ who we discovered to be still alive and living in Butetown. When the Captain threw the ‘ghost device’ to me beneath the canal bridge on Penfro Street, after the failed door to door trying to locate ‘Burnie’ Sean Harris, the alien device began to light up, not only did it light up, I was thrown back to the year 1963.

It was night and raining, but the semi damp canal was dry beneath.  A young girl, no more than 17, blonde hair, the style from the 60’s, short dress all the rage, pink coat, handbag, came crying into the tunnel and sat on one of the struts against the canal wall.  She was muttering about some bloke. Her cheeks were moist, her make-up smeared.  I asked for her name, but a voice in the dark answered for her. ‘Lizzie Lewis.’  He was calling to her, in a kind of taunting sinister voice, like kids in a playground. But at night, vulnerable girl, it was evident she was terrified. 

He was tall, wore a DA haircut, typical of the Teddy boy era, and wore a long brown coat.  He looked older than Lizzie, and he was much taller about 6’, which put Lizzie about 5’8”.  She called him Ed Morgan; we’ve also later ascertained that his full title is Edwin Morgan, still alive and living in 46 Pryse Avenue, his mother’s house.  

They couldn’t see me, but I could see them.  It was an uncomfortable feeling.  The girl was obviously terrified.  She kept calling this Ed a ‘bad one, the girls told me not to go with you.’  It didn’t seem to bother him; obviously this kind of comment was water off a ducks back to a man like him. 

He pulled her into a kiss and when she pulled her back he slapped her and drew a knife.  Although I couldn’t see much of this, I could catch the angle of the blade as it caught the moonlight, a dazzle of metal but I could feel the tension, the emotion was so strong, I couldn’t let go, the device had me pinned, I was watching the last moments of Lizzie Lewis, and I couldn’t stop it.  He dragged her, towards the wall behind me, she kept saying she had to be home by nine, and he didn’t care.

Lizzie Lewis was raped and murdered under the canal bridge on Penfro Street in 1963 and I saw it happen, but according to Jack, it wouldn’t stand up in court.
“You saw an echo of an moment amplified by alien technology...”

But I’ve located Ed Morgan and I’m going to make sure he knows what I saw.

Dr. O. Harper

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