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Justin Richards

Justin Richards has written a considerable amount of Doctor Who books.  He is the Creative Consultant to BBC Books for all their Doctor Who titles. 
It is clear to see from the extensive writing list on Wikipedia that Justin loves to write for children young and old, and those of us who refuse to grow up.  From writing Doctor Who for Virgin Books from 1994-2000, BBC Books from 1998 onwards, Justin writes for various Doctors including Eighth, Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh.  He’s an ultimate fan of the Daleks, I don’t think I’ve met anyone yet who actually hates them!

I have a collection of Justin’s novels on my bookshelf, from Clockwork Man with the 9th Doctor and Rose Tyler, The Deviant Strain with Captain Jack Harkness, 9th Doctor and Rose Tyler, The Resurrection Casket with 10th Doctor and Rose Tyler, Death Riders with 11th Doctor and Amy Pond, and Doctor Who Files Captain Jack, which includes Best Friends.

Justin has also written for the Darksmith Legacy books, The Doctor Who Monsters Books.  He’s also written for Sarah Jane Adventures Audio Book ‘The Thirteenth Stone’ (2007), two Short Trips stories for Big Finish entitled ‘The Splinter Gate’ (2003), The Glass Princess (Clio) (2003).

For a full list of Justin’s credits visit Wikipedia: and his website,

Justin was born in Epping, Essex on 14 September 1961.  He has a BA (Hons) in English and Theatre obtained at the University of Warwick.  He’s married with two children and lives nowhere near submarines or the sea, but very near to Warwick Castle. 

His stories are fantastic and I’m not just saying that, I have now read The Deviant Strain twice and with perhaps only a few months since the first time I read it, and it’s like one of those puzzles that when you first look you don’t see something but the second time you do, you see a part of the story you didn’t see before.  It’s so full of information, about the subs, the people, the facility and the camaraderie of the Tardis crew, all thrown together into one book, there are so many characters at play. 

Justin has a new book out at the moment called The Wolfstone Curse and it looks like a fantastic read.  The cover is eye catching and I’m suspecting this will keep the avid reader quiet for a good few hours.

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