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Articles If You Could Take Home An Alien Artefact What Would It Be?

If you could take home an alien artefact what would it be?

In Everything Changes, while Jack told Gwen about his team he adamantly stated that nobody took anything from the Hub, however we know that Suzie took the glove to practice at home, Owen used the alien cologne, and Toshiko used the data scanner as her very own eBook.  So if you had the opportunity of taking home a piece of alien kit, an artefact from Torchwood, what would you take?  Below are a few answers from the fans of our Page please feel free to add your thoughts, the more the merrier.

Mel Purplemonkeydishwasher Bennett I'd probably be like Owen and have something that made people sexually attracted to me! Lolz!

Tamie Wiggins Hmm... based on the artifacts in the actual episode?  The book scanner. And then I'd scan every book I've got and make digital copies. Though I'd start with the ones that don't already have official ebook versions; depending on my income, I might be honest enough to actually buy new copies of the others.

An artifact I'd like to find, though...Something that would let me psychically interface with any computer like they did on Satellite Five (DW Long Game). The "basic" method, that is, not the brain spike.  Or something that lets me use and understand any language I want. And when I say "language," that includes fictional (Klingon or Elvish, anyone?) computer (ultra programmer!) and dead languages. Past, present, and future, to the point that I can correctly anticipate new words and phrases before they've even been created.

Victoria Manson Anything? I would want something that allows me to see in aliens minds. To see what the aliens are thinking about us,humans. To see what plans they’re plotting which could really help Torchwood.

Claudia Lindner I would take that device with which you could go back and forth in time, witnessing certain events. You know, the one from s1 ep.3 that had two parts...but only, if I could control to which event in time I would go, not being thrown anywhere randomly.

Tamie Wiggins I should also say: my dream artifact, at this precise moment in time, is something that could rewrite my cells, and possibly DNA, to eliminate anything that I PERSONALLY identify as health problems... and change nothing else. In other words, it wouldn't be nanogenes "healing" whatever their programming says is wrong with me (Are you my mummy?), but I wouldn't have to put up with these allergies any longer. ACHOO!

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  1. I think for me it would be the book scanner too!! :)