Sunday, 9 June 2013

Expo & Cons - Wizards World Philadelphia 2013 by Susan Bomkamp

Wizard World Philadelphia 2013

My husband and I have been going to Philly for this con for about 10 years.  We love comics and sci- fi, and Philly is only a 4-5 hour drive for us. However,  I had already done a couple of cons this year, and I wasn’t sure we were going to bother…and then Barrowman announced. I was ecstatic! I have hoped for the past couple of years he would do something close by, something both Chris and I could go to together, and Philly was ideal!
I have gone to London to see John on stage and in concert, and I have gone to various cons around the country with my Barrowman fan friends, but this would be the first time Chris would be with me. He likes John, but he’s not a Doctor Who or Torchwood guy. However, he has been watching Arrow with me, so he was really looking forward to seeing him.

Due to the shooting schedule for his new show Sing Your Face Off, John didn’t get in til Saturday evening, and they put him right to work with the first photo op sessions.  Chris and I had Barrowman VIP passes, which included a photo op and autograph each, so we did our first one Sat night:

 I was happy because he remembered me, although it had only been a month since I saw him at Calgary Expo! Lol
Chris was really excited about meeting JB, and we both couldn’t wait for the next days’ panel. We got up early and got down to the convention center, because even with VIP entry I knew there would be a line, and Chris was determined to be in front. I had no argument!  In the end, we were at the end of the second row, center. We both took photos:


Maybe a few more

He was brilliant, hilarious, and charming, as usual J My husband was laughing so hard, he stopped taking pics! JB has another convert.
After the panel, we went to get in line for autographs. Since he had come in so late, and there were so many people already in line, JB signed thru his lunch and kept going until his second photo op sessions:
For our second photo op we were going to do something funny, but finally decided we were just gonna squish him:
The weekend went too quick, as they always do, but I think I have a new Barrowman fan to go to cons with!


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