Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Articles - Series One Blooper Reel Winner

Winning Blooper Reel Clip

'Simple Clean Up Operation'

A few weeks ago we held on our Project: Torchwood Facebook Page a poll, where fans of the show had to pick their favourite clip from the blooper reel from Series One, and although there were quite a few entries, the one that made most people laugh, was the "Simple Clean Up Operation"  where John Barrowman sat sniggering in the front of the SUV.

Although, unsure of the laws of posting clips from Youtube regarding Blooper Reels, we have comprised a few of the photographs which we hope you will enjoy just as much.

Look out for more polls and short competitions on our Facebook page and get involved.  Your clip might feature in our next edition.


  1. This was a well deserved win in my opinion, though there was some very close seconds like when John accidently kicks the door in in 'Something Borrowed' from season two!

  2. lol; I agree; series two, with the kicked-in door in Something Borrowed was brilliantly funny to be an accident.