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The Team

Captain Djak~ (Creator/Editor/Writer/)
I'm Djak, I’m creator and editor in chief of the website, and am owner of a Weevil – who can be quite a handful at times and has a penchants for Strawberry Ice Cream and chocolate. 
I’ve always been a fan of the Whoniverse ever since the Daleks invaded my living room and I watched my first episode from behind the sofa.  Daleks, Davros and bubble wrapped sleeping bags – yes, I was scared of the weirdest of creatures.
I’ve worked as an Extra in two independent films. Bad Blood, a zombie horror film which will be released on Netflix or Amazon Prime sometime soon. And Native Son starring Sean Harris of Prometheus. 
I enjoy writing for Project: Torchwood and always want to learn more about the people in front of and behind the camera. I'm also still trying to write my first sci fi novel. 

John ~The Doctor~ (UK Locations Writer)
I am John Bond-Winstone also known as the Doctor. I'm from South Wales. I have been behind this project 100% and encouraged DJ to carry this forward. Well when I'm not playing Star Trek Online, I am studying to become a qualified teacher hopefully in Youth Work.
In my spare time I do some voluntary work with Cardiff Mardi Gras and I also crew at Showmasters Conventions. I also like chilling, reading sci-fi and fantasy books.  

Joshua - Resident Weevil (mascot)
Joshua doesn’t involve himself in the running of the website, but he does like to get involved in research and outings, although after losing him in the shopping mall when an ice cream vendor set up a stall selling a vast amount of Strawberry Ice cream, we’ve had to keep him on a tight leash since. He is a real handful and can be a menace to the rest of the team who complain of missing candy bars, fruit drops and chocolate and he’s not too good with alcohol either.  We now have a lock and pass code for the fridge!!!  

Christopher E. Fain ~Dr Owen Harper~ (Writer/Graphic Designer)
I write, breathe, listen to music, and drink tea.  In between, I am a mum and a socially-inept cynic with too much education.  I became a fan of Torchwood after three decades of affection for Doctor Who when I was informed that someone out there was putting stories on television that looked like the sorts of thing I'd been writing for many years.  I studied time travel and its associated sciences at a very young age (8 years old) with the intentions of building a TARDIS and discovered that I possessed both the passion and talent for research even if I would never figure out how to build a working time rotor.  After so many years of writing without making any real effort at being published, I made the decision to start writing under my own name and began an honest attempt at being seen and read by the public.  This quickly led me to social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter and fanfiction, where I found Project Torchwood and various other science fiction magazines.  For Project Torchwood, I write reviews, fiction, and commentary articles.  In another universe, I'm writing an extensive LGBT-slanted space opera while pursing my life's only burning ambition...to wear a dressing gown 24/7 and live like Arthur Dent on the dream of finally getting a proper cup of tea.

Jeffrey Zyra ~5th Doctor~ (Who Reviewer)
I’m a lover of all things Doctor Who and science fiction.  I also love watching tons of TV shows and movies.  I love to read comic books and have done for as long as I can remember.  I’ve met a lot of people who make the comic books I read, at the numerous comic cons I’ve attended over the years.  I’m a huge fan of the Boston Sports teams and love it a lot when they beat the New York City teams.  You can find me on Twitter under the moniker of DR5WHO.

Tony J Fyler ~SontaWithaHat~(Who/Torchwood/Big Finish Reviewer+)
(To be added at later date)

Reece Morris Jones (Who Reviewer)
I’m an office worker by day and a blogger by night.  I read, then I write, then I start reading again.  I also think far too much.  I enjoy running, and also wargaming, and working on an allotment.  Still a young ‘un I have hopes and dreams to become a writer one day.  In the meantime though I’m on the look out for more books and comics as The Cult Den’s Books and Comics Editor.  The more indie they are, the better.  I’m still rather new to the world of blogging but I’m always free for a chat, so hit me up.

Sharon Seymour - Graphic Artist

Djak asked if I would help out on the front covers so of course I said yes, then I was asked to write something about me. So here it is, ‘life is too short for long winded speeches’ - I’m a Torchwood/Dr Who fan - actually I like most sci-fi stuff to be honest! 

When I’m not at work I’m either playing the PS4 or chilling with a drink and Netflix. I may have to get older but I refuse to grow up so I try not to take life too seriously.

Couple of links to stuff I’ve done - www.nightbladerocks.com  I built the whole site

http://www.skyfireinteractive.co.uk/  - designed their banner & logo, made their original site which has since been changed by another web designer

 Steven Barber (US Locations Writer) 
(To be added at later date)

Our Contributors.

German Translator – Alison Balmforth,
Graphic Artist – Nikki Forrest
Guest Writers – Justin Walters, Carol Drinkwater
Additional Contributors:
Dawn Chrisoffersen, Gemma Griffin, Claudia Lindner, Kate Mora, Antje Strauch, Sandy Deck, Chloe Robertson, Betty Dee, Gabriela Phalempin, Jo Rita Raymer, Doreen Freitag, Kirsty Price, Marco Donati, William Green, Steve Taylor Bryant, Rachel Barcoe, Susan Bomkamp, Tom Clarke and Simon Mallinson for whose Target reviews kept us entertained for such a long time. 

Mickie Newton for whose work helping me set up the website, and designing all the background and much of the banners etc, would not have been possible without her continued support. Thank you mate. 

Thanks to Andrew Creak who took up the reins after Mickie stepped down from her role of Graphic artist, and created a few covers before uni called him back to full time education. 

Specials: Paul Kasey for some cool photos!  James Moran for one email that really helped!

Special thanks to Jim Wilkins from InPrint Comics who designed our poster and our caricatures of our favourite Torchwood and Who characters. Diolch yn fawr!
And to all of our wonderful guests – thank you!

The Torchwood Logo and mentions of the Torchwood name throughout the website does not belong to me, I do not own the copyright nor do I have any affiliations with the Torchwood group or the BBC.  All I do have is deep respect for all the people involved in putting the series together and sharing it with the world.  Thank you!
The same applies for Doctor Who. 


  1. Nice to see the friendly faces behind this great team

  2. Yes, they are really a very nice team!

  3. We appreciate all of our readers!

  4. Just discovered your site and cannot wait to see what treasures you have to offer!!! Thank you so much for keeping Torchwood alive and well.

    1. Diolch! Torchwood as much as Doctor Who is a show worth keeping alive, there are still avenues to explore with this show and I'm not ready to give up yet. So while there are still fans out there with the passion to keep the flame alive, then we'll still be here feeding the fire!