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The Whoniverse Round-Up August 2017

Whoniverse Round Up

August 2017

John Barrowman
This month saw John Barrowman rushed to hospital with an appendicitis.  After surgery to remove his appendix, he now sports three holes in his belly, which we’ve yet to see – but not sure we really want to. He vlogged his way through his stay at the hospital, watched over by his Mum and Dad and sister Carole. Heavily sedated for the pain, he kept his fans up to date on everything, slipping in and out of his Scottish accent that we don’t often get to hear – unless he’s with his family.

Glad to note that surgery went well and he’s home convalescing. Or out Comic Conning!

Steven Savile.
Primeval: Shadow of the Jaguar written by Steven Savile is to be made into a fan made film. Steven has been in talks with The Primeval Site guys on Twitter, and putting the finishing touches to the script for the film. If you were a fan of the Primeval series, then you will be excited as I am to see this story mark the 10th anniversary of the series. Yes, folks. 10 years since Primeval first aired. Can you believe it? No, I was shocked too.

Primeval brought us such great characters and creatures, got a little bit confusing, lost the plot a few times, but all in all, a brilliant tea time series to keep our imagination flowing long after the series ended.
The special effects alone were worth sticking around for, and the 'will they, won't they' moments with Abby and Connor were top of the agenda.

To keep pace with the film as it's put together, check out the Primeval X website for teasers, clips and trailers and exclusive behind the scenes, coming soon.

As well as this exciting news, Steven has a few books to look out for this year. If you’re a fan of Akiri, there’s a third novel out on Tuesday. Akiri Sands of Darkness and Akiri Dragonbane have also just been released.

Winter’s Rage with Sean Black will be due for release soon, and Glass Town is out in December, which means, I’m going to need a bigger bookcase!!!

Paul Magrs
Did you know that Paul Magrs is also an illustrator? No, neither did I. I knew he could draw, and paint, but I didn’t realise he was now an accomplished illustrator. 

You can check out his work in Terry Molloy’s new book Montmorency Montgomery Bear - The Bear with the Ginormous Heart. Published by FBS Publishing Limited. If you give @Montmorencybear a follow on Twitter you’ll discover more about his new book.

Guy Adams
Guy has a new book out in January 2018, which you can preorder through Amazon which will intrigue gamers and readers alike. Follow the link or go onto the solarisbooks website for  more in depth details

Mark Morris
Check out Mark's new book releases this month. His Obsidian Heart novels are up to their third instalment are out NOW.

Mark has also written the movie novelisation of The Great Wall, a film I had my sights set on watching but just haven't managed to get to a cinema yet. The original story was written by Thomas Tull and Max Brooks.

You can find further details of Mark’s novels by visiting his website or clicking the link here.

Definitely going to need a bigger bookcase this year.

And possibly work permanent overtime!!!

So, if you’re a book fiend such as me, then you’ll need to talk nicely to the bank manager or do some serious saving. These are books worth collecting.

That’s it for this month. Meet us back here in September for some more tasty treats!

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