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Articles Welcome to Issue 48 - Torchwood - The Blood Line

Issue 48 – The Blood Line

Contents Guide

Cover, Editor Note and Contents
Episode Breakdown: The Blood Line

Who Reviews
Revenge of the Cybermen
Planet of the Daleks
Pyramid at the End of the World
Knock Knock
Crimson Horror

Dalziel and Pascoe

Fans Fiction
Mitchell: Part 4

TW Reviews
Corpse Day

Fragments & Exit Wounds
(late entry)

Editor Note

It has been a long journey with regards to the Episode Breakdowns. Three years in fact, and it’s nice in a way to see them at an end. They are by far the longest articles in any Issue, and take anything up to 12 hours to complete. From transcripts broken down, action added, and the entire article shortened from 20 pages down to between 7 – 10, that does take a fair bit of commitment, so it’s no wonder I tend to leave it till the last possible moment – minutes in fact before the impending deadline. I do from time to time tell myself that I MUST start these earlier, and for a good few times I have but, life tends to get in the way, and while you take a break to enjoy a few weeks of blissful freedom, it soon catches up with you, and before you know it, it’s back around again, and panic, Panic, PANIC!

We have new ideas for the next issues, although it may take some time to put them into action, so perhaps the next few will be more reviews and hopefully some great interviews.

Moving house can certainly take its toll on your creativity and it’s taking me a fair bit of time to get back in my stride. Eight weeks in and I’m still nowhere near finishing the painting or stripping of wallpaper, and it doesn’t help that nobody can mind the Weevil while I do this. We’ve had a few offers of help now and then, but when it comes down to it, Gwen would much rather watch Rhys’ socks dry than come and touch up the glossing. And I did offer her as much beer as she could drink!

This month sees a lot of Who reviews from Jeff and Tony, with The Doctor providing the final instalment of locations from Series 2 of Torchwood. Mitchell is back for Part 4, and Jack has a visit from an old friend.

If you like what we do, then please, please comment below our articles, we’d love to hear from you. And even if there are things in the articles you don’t agree with, I know you’re sure to apply the fingers to the keyboard and post up a few comments.

Some of our articles, 42, Crimson Horror, and The Doctor’s Season 2 Torchwood locations, are running late.
We’re also experiencing a technical hitch with our front cover, but all will be updated as soon as possible. So not wishing to delay the launch any longer…

Welcome to Issue 48 – The Blood Line


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