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Articles Welcome to Issue 47 - Who & I - May 2017

Issue 47

Who & I

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Welcome to Issue 47
Editor’s Note

Peter Stray – Canaries Movie

Big Finish Reviews+
Jago & Litefoot 13
Jago & Litefoot Revival Act 1 & 2
Alien Heart/Dalek Soul

Fans Fiction
Mitchell Part Three

Torchwood Reviews
The Dollhouse by Tony J Fyler

Who Reviews
Episode Review
The Pilot by Jeffrey Zyra
Smile by Tony J Fyler & Jeffrey Zyra
Thin Ice by Jeffrey Zyra
Book Review
Snowglobe 7
The Many Hands
The Peacemaker
The Pirate Loop
by DJ Forrest

Editor’s Note

Hi All,

It’s funny isn’t it, when you take time out to catch up on other stuff, that you still manage to achieve a lot of book reviews regardless. And still to cap it all, bring you an interview with Peter Stray of Canaries movie – which as you’ll read, has a few familiar faces from Torchwood and Doctor Who. Be sure to check this out.

We’ve a Torchwood review of the latest audio from Big Finish, let us know what you thought to this too. I’m a bit behind on the audios these past few months, (since Outbreak), so am yet to listen to the latest.
We always welcome your feedback on any of the reviews we post up. Some of you do add your voice, and we thank you greatly for them.

We’ve part 3 of our Torchwood: Mitchell story for you. I’m glad to be able to give this a second airing, and this time it will be staying on the site.

So with book, episode and audio reviews, interview and story, you have plenty to keep you entertained before we’re back with our final instalment of Torchwood’s Miracle Day episode.

Welcome to Issue 47

Who & I


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