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The Whoniverse Round-Up April

Whoniverse Round-Up April

John Barrowman at 50!

Yes folks, John Barrowman, if you don’t currently follow him on social media, turned 50 this month (March), and proudly showed off his George Clooney hair colour. For a while now, we’ve been told by John that without the dye, he’s completely white, and for much of the time, before his next dyeing session, we do see the inch thick length of white hair about his forehead – and if we’re truly honest with ourselves, many of us are no different when it comes down to it. However, in a man like John Barrowman, the epitome of all that is fun, and acting like a Big Kid, the last thing you want to see on him is an entire scalp of white hair.

Yes, Barrowman revealed his whole greyness to the fans on social media, the week of his birthday celebrations – because just like our royal Queen – John was enjoying the run up to his birthday as much as the BIG DAY!

For many of us who have been used to him as naturally dark hair, for Captain Jack and Malcolm Merlyn, seeing the complete head of white, was one hell of a shock, and we prayed it wouldn’t be a permanent thing. It also worried us that if John is accepting of the grey, then perhaps he was also going to grow up, and that was something we couldn’t accept, at all.

See, mad cap humour, pranks and foolishness doesn’t look right with greying hair, and on John, it most definitely (IMO) didn’t suit him. And perhaps in the Palm Springs sunshine, the tanned face and the white hair, aged him still further. I’ve not followed John throughout his stage career, only picking up on his career from Doctor Who and a small episode of My Family, and Desperate Housewives, John will only ever be Captain Jack Harkness to me, or Malcolm Merlyn as he is these days, with dark hair and his whole persona as the immortal good/bad guy.

I know at some point in the future, John may well adopt the greying hair as gracefully as a grown up, which again bothers me, because for those of us who still wish to retain the Big Kid image, it would be sad if we too had to grow up – so please John, don’t grow up just yet, give it at least another 20 years, eh?

Jack Sparks to become a movie

Jason Arnopp announced this week that Ron Howard wants to make Jack Sparks into a movie, so if you haven’t read the novel yet, then this would be a great time to do so. Jason blogged about this great news here as he works on the screenplay for the movie.

Sarah Pinborough

This month we learned that Sarah’s novel Behind Her Eyes, that has been a bedtime story on the radio, is to be made into a film too. Fantastic news!

Eve Pearce

Once again, Eve’s been on our telly, this time as a vampire’s date in a new Virgin Games ad. Eve’s character is shopping for groceries and stands in a queue. The vampire is a young man, who when touching one of the garlic items on the conveyor belt to scan, sees his arm illuminate. He shakes his hand in fear. Eve’s character watches, quite alarmed.
A little later on, back at the vampire’s house, there’s a knock at the door, and Eve’s character enters the room. The young vampire’s hot date!  It’s quite funny and sweet all in the same breath.

So that’s it for this month. Take care and see you all back for the next instalment.

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