Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Articles Welcome to Issue 45 - End of the Road March 2017

Issue 45

Miracle Day:
End of the Road

Cover, Content Guide, Editor Note
Episode Breakdown
End of the Road
By DJ Forrest

Big Finish Reviews+
Perpetual Bond
The Suffering
By Tony J Fyler

Who Reviews
Invasion of Time
The Art of Destruction
By Tony J Fyler
Planet of Fire
Resurrection of the Daleks
By Jeffrey Zyra

The Art of Destruction
The Price of Paradise
Sting of the Zygons
By DJ Forrest

The Third Doctor
By Tony J Fyler

Categories of Life
By Steven Barber

Exit Wounds
By John Bond-Winstone
(Late entry)

Fans Fiction
By DJ Forrest

Coronation Street
Part 3
By DJ Forrest

Interview with
Kevin McCurdy
By DJ Forrest

Editor Note

Believe it or not, this month has been extremely hectic and I’m absolutely glad to see March – lighter nights, for a start.
We welcome Andrew Creak to our humble team. Andrew is our new Graphics Artist, replacing Mickie as front cover artist. Mickie is busy on fresh new ventures which we will links to when available.

We have an interview with Kevin McCurdy this month, and what a fantastic insight into the world of fight co-ordinators. Also, Mitchell has returned, in a new place, Fans Fiction. If you didn’t read it the first time, be sure to give it a chance this time.
More Who Reviews, from television, books and comics, and our audios with Big Finish.
Part 3 of our Coronation Street Connections should keep you up to speed as to who has appeared in the Whoniverse from the Manchester cobbles.

A few articles will be added later, such as episode breakdown and UK locations. Work and time commitments have held these back a while.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our site. Special thanks to Whovian TV (do check out their website), for allowing us to use their photo in our Interview.

Hapus Dydd Dewi Sant (bit late in the day but still)

Welcome to Issue 45 – End of the Road.


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