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Connections Paranoid by DJ Forrest

TW & DW Connections:


 ITV drama series.

When a female GP is murdered in a rural playground in front of many witnesses, it brings a group of detectives from both UK and Europe to solve the mystery, aided by mysterious notes by the ‘Ghost Detective.’

Written and created by Bill Gallagher, it’s been a really interesting series that I only wish I’d seen right from the start, and not mid-way through. It is great to see Indira Varma in a role that I can stomach watching. (Not a fan of GoT, it scares the Weevil).
What I did notice was the array of Whoniverse actors in the series – did you?

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to, unless of course, you want to, that is.


Indira Varma played Nina Suresh for 8 episodes in 2016. Better known for her role as Suzie Costello in Torchwood (2006) episodes 'Everything Changes' and 'They Keep Killing Suzie' as well as her role as Ellaria Sand in Game of Thrones (2015 - 2017)

Robert Glenister played Bobby Day for 8 episodes in 2016. Played Salateen in Doctor Who story The Caves of Androzani parts 1 - 4 in 1984.

Lesley Sharp played Lucy Cannonbury for 8 episodes in 2016. Played Sky Sylvestry in Doctor Who episode Midnight in 2008. Great episode. Is due back on our screens in Scott & Bailey (2016). Appeared in Doctor Who Greatest Moments as herself in The Enemies episode in 2009.
Appeared as herself for the Doctor Who Confidential episode Look Who's Talking in 2008. Appeared as Sky in Doctor Who episode Journey's End in 2008 uncredited, and in the episode The Doctor of Doctor Who Greatest Moments in 2009.

Michael Maloney played Dr. Crowley for 7 episodes in 2016. Is a voice actor for several Doctor Who audio stories, playing character Hilary Hammond in Enemy Aliens in a Charlotte Pollard and Eighth Doctor story, as well as Rennol in Kiss of Death. He was also narrator of The Silent Stars Go By. Voiced Simonsson in Grand Theft Cosmos, Fratalin in Patient Zero, the Viyrans in Blue Forgotten Planet, Gregor Saraton in Zygon Hunt and Farrow in The Circus of Doom.

Anjli Mohindra played DC Megan Waters for 7 episodes in 2016. Played Rani Chandra in The Sarah Jane Adventures for 41 episodes from 2008 to 2011. Also, appeared as Rani for the SJA: Alien Files episode #1.2 in 2010 but was uncredited for the episodes 1 - 6 in 2010.
She appeared In the television documentary My Sarah Jane: A Tribute to Elisabeth Sladen in 2011.
Was Rani Chandra for Comic Relief 2009.

Jonathan Ojinnaka played a Bald man for 6 episodes in 2016. Played a soldier in Doctor Who episode The Magician's Apprentice in 2015.

William Ash played Henry Appley for 5 episodes in 2016. Played Riley Vashtee in Doctor Who episode 42 in 2007. Appeared in the Totally Doctor Who episode #2.7 as himself in the same year.

Richard Price played Cedric Felber Driver Double but was uncredited for 2 episodes in 2016. Uncredited in all four roles, was a Wedding Guest in Doctor Who episode, The Runaway Bride in 2006, a Guest in The Lazarus Experiment in 2007, A passer-by in Partners in Crime in 2008 and a Takran Soldier in The Doctor's Daughter in the same year.
Played a passer-by in SJA episodes The Mark of the Berserker in 2008.

Film Editing by

Adam Trotman for 3 episodes in 2016. Was editor on Doctor Who Last Christmas episode in 2014.

Makeup Department

Lyn Davie was makeup designer/make-up designer for 7 episodes in 2016.  Appeared on the Doctor Who Confidential episode Time Trouble in 2005 as herself, credited as Lin Davie.

Davy Jones was make-up supervisor for 2 episodes in 2016. Was make up designer for 13 episodes in 2005 for Doctor Who, make up effects artist in 2010 for one episode, and special makeup effects artist for one episode in 2010. Was make up artist: Millennium FX for both The Name of the Doctor and Nightmare in Silver in 2013 uncredited in both. Appeared as himself for two episodes of Doctor Who Confidential - After Effects in 2010 and TARDIS tales in 2005.

Kathryn Newsome was make-up artist for 2 episodes in 2016. Was assistant makeup artist for Doctor Who The Day of the Doctor episode in 2013, and make up designer/supervisor yet uncredited in The Night of the Doctor 2013.

Visual Effects by

Gary Kelly was digital compositor for 8 episodes in 2016. Was compositor: Space Digital for one episode of Doctor Who in 2012 and visual effects for an episode in 2011, uncredited for both.


Dean Forster was stunt co-ordinator for 2 episodes in 2016. Was stunt performer for 7 episodes of Doctor Who in 2005, credited as Dean Foster for two episodes - The Christmas Invasion in 2005 and New Earth in 2006.  Was Stunts for 2 episodes in 2007 for Voyage of the Damned and 2010 for Cold Blood, both of which he was uncredited for.
He was uncredited Stunts for Torchwood COE: Day 3 in 2009 and Sleeper in 2008, and stunt performer in Combat in 2006.
He appeared as himself in 6 episodes of Doctor Who Confidential from 2007 - 2008 and appeared in two episodes of Torchwood Declassified. Home and Hart in 2008 and Weevil Fight Club in 2006.

Tom Lucy was stunt co-ordinator for 2 episodes in 2016. No stranger to the Whoniverse, Tom was stunt coordinator for 18 episodes of Torchwood from 2006 - 2009 and stunt arranger for two episodes in 2008. He also appeared in the Torchwood episode Ghost Machine, in the subway tunnel, jostled by Burnie Harris. I'd recognise that baseball cap anywhere!!!

Between 2007 - 2008 he was stunt coordinator for 16 episodes of Doctor Who.

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