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Rex Matheson 

A little while ago on our Facebook Page, we asked the Fans about Rex Matheson, and what they thought of the character. Rex of course, is a popular character, but for all the wrong reasons as far as many of the fans are concerned.

Despite having embraced my feelings about the character, I felt it was only fair to share those of the fans. Up until this point, I had agreed with many of them. The fans didn’t hold back in their feelings however regarding the Rex Matheson.

Claudia Lindner For me it already starts with the CIA - them being portrayed as people who only want to save the world is just a no go. Do you know how many countries the CIA has destabilized, thrown into chaos and how many democratically elected governments they have overturned? So, the CIA for me is something Torchwood would fight. And not only is Rex CIA, he has no characterful that would reconcile you with him. His aggressive assertiveness, his ignorance it just slaps you in the face every scene he is in. And after that whole journey with Torchwood, has he learned anything?

If I could go with what I like about him I'd be done immediately. Nothing. What I don't like about him? He is the most un-torchwoodesque character that ever appeared on the show. He is so two-dimensional. He is arrogant, homophobic, self-righteous, he thinks he knows it all and that he is far superior to Torchwood, while he knows and understands nothing, not what Torchwood does or is. He constantly insults TW and especially Jack as idiots or "clowns" while he is the biggest ignorant and idiot. One example: in MD ep. 3 Jack wants them to deal with PhiCorp the TW-way, but for Rex of course that is idiotic and he wants to seek support with an ex-CIA guy, his ex-teacher or trainer. Jack reluctantly agrees. Of course, when he tries to meet him, it is a set-up and a complete failure. When the team meets in some backstreet afterwards Rex of course makes Jack responsible for that, claiming it is his fault because Jack doesn't know how things are done in the 21st century because he wears a 2nd WW military coat and so he must be stuck in that period's thinking. While that set-up was his, Rex's idea, not Jack's. That is typical for Rex. He is ignorant, unable of original thinking, but thinks he is the sharpest knife in the drawer. Which he clearly isn't. And he has no likeable characteristics, nothing which would make you like him, let alone identify yourself with him. While I loved the writing of the MD-story itself, the character Rex is their biggest flaw.

Diane Phillipa A whining homophobic ranting incompetent nitwit who couldn’t lie his way out of a paper bag. A man with no possible likeable qualities. Worse this a*hole got more time on screen than the star of the show. And to top it off he's now immortal. Biggest slap in the face to every true TW fan.
Like we would ever trust the CIA considering Rendition and all the torture they advocated and carried out. Jack would never work with the CIA I agree he would see them as the enemy like TW one

Antje Strauch I got the impression that they wanted to set up their own Torchwood:LA show, similar to the CSI shows, and he should become the lead of that. No need of the British actors anymore then. And yes, I wouldn't have minded so much if Jack had not felt like a guest actor in his own show.

Lyn Carol I like him. As long as Jack can stay in charge and always win in a fight, Rex is ok with me. I didn't like him at first, but he's not so bad. And Jack needs someone to fight with, who is still on his side when he needs him. Obviously, things change, and I would rather the original team were together, but at the moment, it is what it is. And there is a little humour and mutual respect hiding in there somewhere.
I agree about not wanting the CIA involved. But if we get Rex away from them and he spends more time with Torchwood, he will learn a lot I'm sure. That's if they decide to keep him!  He needs training. Free thinking. He is used to being told what to do by 'the man'!

Betty Dee He came across as arrogant. I like the actor (he was on ER and I enjoyed his performance there), but Rex was just... maybe a bit too unlike all the other characters that appeared on Torchwood. He was supposed to be a protagonist but became an antagonist because of his behaviour. He wanted to be in charge and didn't even think that maybe Jack would be better suited for that job. The CIA was trying to get him and he didn't seem to even question the fact that he lived and survived that terrible accident or was at least a bit thankful for "The Miracle" to have happened when it happened.

MD just wasn't Torchwood anymore. Too much change in total. They could have called it something else and it would have worked, too.

Amanda Kendall He wasn't a good fit in the series. He was overly sceptic, antagonistic and homophobic. All told, not my cup of tea

Kirsty Price He's mouthy. And nasty to Jack over gayness and he separated Gwen and baby

It’s clear from their views that Rex was Mr Popularity but for all the wrong reasons. Of course, not everyone shared the majority view, and I hope more will come to level out the argument. Perhaps there is hope for Rex beyond the Miracle, beyond Exodus Code, and the comics. If he can swallow back his pride long enough to share in the fight to save mankind.

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