Saturday, 1 October 2016

Articles Welcome to Issue 40 - Dead of Night October 2016

Issue 40

Miracle Day: Dead of Night

Cover, Content, Editor’s Note
Episode Breakdown: Dead of Night

Big Finish Reviews+
The Reaping
The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield 3
By Tony J Fyler

Who Reviews
Horror at Fang Rock
By Tony J Fyler

The Coffee Shop
Happy 10th Birthday Torchwood

The Whoniverse Round-Up
Daniele Favilli – Jack and Angelo
The Anoraks
Cavan Scott
Jâms Thomas
John R Walker
Ian Edginton

Editor’s Note

Please check out our Whoniverse Round up to find out what is happening in October and beyond. We still have our Pinned Post on Twitter regarding Daniele Favilli’s Torchwood film, so please, keep posting your votes on this. Yes, or No. If you wish to write more than that, please write below on our Whoniverse Post. We’ve a fair few posts on our Whoniverse article this month. If you’re a fan of Cavan Scott, Ian Edginton, Jâms Thomas, Nathan Sussex, Anoraks or John R Walker, then check out where to find them in October and the near future.

This month sees BBC Torchwood celebrating its 10th birthday. Wow! Time sure flies! We asked the fans on our Facebook page what their favourite episodes were and all manner of Torchwood questions. It’s an open thread so if you want to add to it, please do. It will be on the page somewhere.

Joshua Weevil is back with us. Not sure what he got up to but he needed a bloody good soaking in hot soapy bubbles. Strawberry scented! What? Yes, believe it or not. Sometimes, in the office we do appreciate a slightly less pungent aroma of Eau de Sewer.

Tony Fyler who still owes us Profile data has kept us busy with reviews from BBC Doctor Who to Big Finish Audio Who. We’re needing more Torchwood audios to keep us busy. I think we’re due one in October.

So, I guess I should end this now, before it becomes a stand-alone article. We hope you enjoy this Issue, and we’re sorry it’s not ram jam packed as usual but with the added impact of Issue 39 to complete, I’m sure there will be plenty for everyone. Everyone that likes Doctor Who and Torchwood that is.

Welcome to Issue 40: Dead of Night


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