Sunday, 1 May 2016

Articles Welcome to Issue 35 May 2016

Issue 35

Children of Earth: Day 4

Contents Guide

Cover, Contents, Editor Note
Episode Breakdown: Day 4

A.K. Benedict
Ben Foster

Beyond The TARDIS
The A Word by DJ Forrest

Torchwood Reviews
Zone 10 by Tony J Fyler

Fans Fiction
Heaven & Nature Sings Part 7
By Echo Fain

Who Reviews
Doctor Who and the Green Death – DJ Forrest
Frontier in Space – Tony J Fyler
Gridlock – DJ Forrest
Planet of the Daleks – Tony J Fyler
Revenge of the Cybermen – Tony J Fyler
The Horns of the Nimon – DJ Forrest

Editor’s Note

Due to a heavy offline workload, this particular Issue has run extremely late, and for that I apologise. I cannot blame the Weevil for this one, even if I did contemplate it.
This past month saw us lose another favourite to our screens – Gareth Thomas, known throughout the land as Blake in Blake’s 7, as well as Edwin in Torchwood, plus his many roles in audio.

Echo has her 7th instalment of Heaven & Nature Sings for us this month, and if you’ve been following the story, you do not want to miss this chapter.

We have two great interviews: Composer Ben Foster, and Torchwood writer A.K. Benedict. Be sure to check these out.

We’ve also a large chunk of reviews from Torchwood, Who to tv series The A Word.

The Episode Breakdown is running late this month, but will appear later this week. Apologies for this.

Project: Torchwood also celebrates its 3rd birthday this month but more on that nearer the time. 

Thanks go out to my entire writing team and graphic artists for all their hard work this month. Oh and thanks to Joshua for keeping out of our way.

So without further ado, welcome to Issue 35.


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