Sunday, 10 April 2016

News Happy Birthday Maria Pola Aguado & Jan Swanton 10th April 2016

Happy Birthday

Maria Pola Aguado & Jan Swanton

You celebrate your day with Oswald Hafenrichter, John Alderson, James Bate, Stephen Churchett, Glen McCoy, Clare Buckfield and Julie Buckfield, Adam Shaw, and Matt Ryan.

Episodes on your birthday:

In 1965, episode 3 of The Crusades: The Wheel of Fortune, saw Barbara saved from El Akir’s men and hidden away in the Lower Quarter, while the First Doctor and Vicki are unsure of their place in the King’s court, after plans for Richard’s sister to marry Saladin’s brother are revealed to Joanna.

In 1971, episode 1 of Colony in Space sees the Third Doctor without his TARDIS after the Time Lords take control of it. They are sent to an Earth Colony in the 25th century and discover that a dinosaur like creature is forcing the colonists to abandon the planet. Jo and the Doctor soon discover that the Master is also on the planet in search of a doomsday weapon.

In 2010, Episode 2 of Season 5 The Beast Below saw the Eleventh Doctor take Amy to the future, inside the Starship UK, which aside from the explorers also contained an intimidating race of creatures known as The Smilers.

Hope you have an enjoyable day, full of presents and cake. Has to be cake!

From everyone at Project: Torchwood

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