Saturday, 9 April 2016

News Happy Birthday ChocoBetty April 9th 2016

Happy Birthday 


Today is your birthday and you celebrate it with a collection of Doctor Who people, Derek Murcott, Aubrey Woods, Jon Rollason, Hannah Gordon and Peter Messaline.

The episodes that were broadcast on your birthday begin in 1966, when episode 2 of Doctor Who: The Celestial Toymaker: The Hall of Dolls saw the First Doctor continue to play Trilogic Game with the Toymaker, while Steven and Dodo play a deadly game of musical chairs.

In 2005, the 9th Doctor dealt with The Unquiet Dead, when he and Rose Tyler landed in 1869 in what was meant to be Italy but turned out to be Cardiff. They met the Gelth, gas creatures desperate to use the bodies of the dead in order to live, but only one thing stood in their way. Gwyneth Cooper. With what was left of her mind, she was able to destroy the Gelth saving Cardiff and the world from a planet of zombies.

Everyone here at Project: Torchwood hope you have a fantastic day. 

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