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Articles Welcome to Issue 34 - April 2016 - Children of Earth: Day Three

Issue 34

Children of Earth: Day Three
Contents Guide

Cover, Content, Editor’s Note
Episode Breakdown: Day Three

Scott Handcock
Campbell Celebrity Booker

Who Reviews
Bunker Soldiers by DJ Forrest
Doctor Who and the Crusaders by DJ Forrest
Timelash by Tony J Fyler
The Kings’ Demons by Jeffrey Zyra
The Invasion of Time by Tony J Fyler
Planet of Fire by Tony J Fyler

Fans Fiction
Heaven and Nature Sings Part 6 by Echo Fain

Rosemary & Thyme

Torchwood Reviews
Victorian Age by Tony J Fyler

Beyond the Hub
Moving On: Passenger by DJ Forrest

Editor’s Note

Another busy month and what with Easter and chocolate eggs, Easter bunnies and a chocoholic Weevil, boy have we had fun.
We have a few articles that will be added after the launch, one of these includes the views of our fans over their food shopping habits. In light of John Barrowman and his family claiming to have been ‘food snobs’ in the past, the newspapers soon got wind of John’s interest in a certain German food chain. So this article will run a few days behind the launch – sorry about that.

We hope you weren’t caught out too much with the pranks today. We’ve left Joshua in search of tartan paint while Gwen is searching the stores for Sky Hooks!!!

We have some awesome interviews this month and can’t wait to share those with you. We have some great interviews in the pipeline too, but we will share those with you just as soon as we can.

Torchwood: Children of Earth is one of the most emotional series out of all of them, and next month will be #reachforthehankies month if you’re fans of dear Ianto.
Of course, in our universe, Ianto Jones, Toshiko Sato and Owen Harper will never be forgotten – as they will always remain in our hearts no matter what.

Season 2 of Big Finish audios looks set to be an unmissable season, with cast from the past including Toshiko Sato. Can’t wait to hear those.

Anyway, could ramble all day if I wasn’t monitored by Ianto and that stop watch!  So without much further ado – and please, do look out at all our articles, including Part 6 of Heaven & Nature Sings, our Who and Torchwood reviews, our Episode Breakdown. Don’t forget to look in on our Beyond the Hub and Connections.

With the Doctor busy around the universe, he has given assurances that he will be around for a few articles in the next few months. He’d better, else I’ll be keeping hold of his sonic screwdriver a tad longer.

So, welcome to Issue 34 – Day Three.


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