Friday, 11 March 2016

News Happy Birthday Captain 'Barrowman' Jack & Alex 'River Song' Kingston

Happy Birthday
Captain ‘Barrowman’ Jack & Alex ‘River Song’ Kingston

You celebrate your birthday with Terence Alexander, Derek Benfield, Graeme Harper, Douglas Adams, and Robert Glenister.


In 1967, episode 1 of The Macra Terror saw the TARDIS crew arrive at a holiday camp living in fear of large creatures that are predicted to roam the colony after dark, if Medok’s stories are anything to go by.

In 1972, episode 3 of The Sea Devils saw the Third Doctor help prisoner by Trenchard while the Master tries to contact the Sea Devils.

In 1978, episode 6 of The Invasion of Time saw the Fourth Doctor and his companions seek shelter in the TARDIS as Stor and Kelner track them down.

Have a great birthday guys, from everyone at Project: Torchwood

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