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Interviews Interview with Matthew Campbell of Campbell Celebrity Booker

Interview with Matthew Campbell of
Campbell Celebrity Booker

Hi Matthew.

You run Campbell Celebrity Booker which is certainly gathering pace at the moment, with celebrity names from the world of Who, Torchwood and beyond, including Eastenders bad boy, Nick Cotton. How did the idea come about to form your own booking agency and what makes yours stand out from others, what do you offer that is different?
When did you officially launch the business?

Matthew: Well, where do I start... In January 2015 I met Simon Fisher-Becker at an event in Doncaster.  After the event I asked Simon if I could be his helper at events, to my surprise he said YES.  After a few events, I met Ian McNeice who then asked if I could help him get events as well.  The word got round and because I was doing so well I put together CAMPBELL CELEBRITY BOOKER.  Then I found that other actors where coming to me and asking if they could join and if I could get them more events.  I now have a wide range of Celebrities from all different genres of the world of TV and Film. 

You have someone from a popular sci fi series involved in your Booking Service, can you reveal WHO that is?

Matthew: Yes, I can, in fact it’s all thanks to my good friend Simon Fisher-Becker who gave me the support and help that I needed to get CAMPBELL CELEBRITY BOOKER up and running.  Simon Fisher-Becker is now Executive Consultant of the business.

How can people find you if they wish to book a celebrity for their event?

Matthew: I have a website, Facebook page and Twitter page The word has got around with different event’s organisers now and most are aware of what I do.  I sometimes approach the organisers first, but 90% of the time the organisers contact me first.

I’m imagining that you’re a massive fan of sci fi and have been to any number of events up and down the country. Has that helped, do you think, in setting up your Booking business, the fact that the celebrities may have seen you on a semi regular basis, visiting their stalls for signatures or just for a blether, a chat?

Matthew: Yes, I used to attend lots of events with my dad up and down the country.  I then got friendly with a few Celebrities who attend and then they got to know me.  As mentioned, most Celebrities have approached me first.  Other Celebrities who just want someone else to do the talking for them and others just want more events

You have two stars of Torchwood on your books now, do you aim to complete the set with the full Cardiff team?

Matthew: Keep an eye out, you never know what's over the horizon.  Of course I would like everyone

Thank you Matthew.  
Photos for cover and interview courtesy of CCB

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