Sunday, 14 February 2016

News Happy Birthday Mickie 'Tosh' 14th February 2016

Happy Birthday Mickie

You celebrate your birthday with medical officer Dr. Owen Harper of Torchwood Three, Cardiff. Raf De La Torre, Mark Eden, Michael E. Briant and Simon Pegg.


In 1970, episode 3 Doctor Who and the Silurians saw the Third Doctor and the Brigadier planning a search of the moors for the missing Silurian.

In 1976, episode 3 The Seeds of Doom sees the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane pursuing the plant fanatic who ordered the hit on the arctic base, while Chase, sets about doing all he can to encourage the hatching of the Krynoid pod.

In 1981, episode 3 The Keeper of Traken saw Melkur waiting only a short time for his full nastiness to unfurl.

Have an awesome day, ‘Tosh’, from everyone at the Hub, including our fellow Weevil Joshua who is eyeing up the cake as we speak!

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