Friday, 5 February 2016

News Happy Birthday Lyn Carol 5th February 2016

Happy Birthday 

Lyn Carol

You celebrate your birthday with John Nettleton, David Selby and Robin Sachs.


In 1966, episode 1 of The Massacre of St Bartholomew’s Eve saw the First Doctor land the TARDIS in the 16th Century Paris and finds Steven involved with a group of Huguenots.

In 1972, episode 2 of The Curse of Peladon saw the Third Doctor convinced that Ice Warriors were trying to sabotage the conference but unable to prove it.

In 1977, episode 2 of The Robots of Death saw the Fourth Doctor curious as to what was killing the crew, when Leela meets an acutely interested working robot which don’t look much different to those aboard the Titanic!

Have an immensely awesome day Lyn from everyone at Project: Torchwood

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