Monday, 15 February 2016

News Happy Birthday Jeffrey Zyra 15th February 2016

Happy Birthday 

Jeffrey Zyra

You celebrate your day with Claire Bloom and Paul Greenhalgh


On this day in 1964, episode 2 of The Edge of Destruction the TARDIS based story, the Doctor and crew begin to witness strange behaviour by the time travelling vessel and it’s only after a considerable amount of time does the Doctor realise that the TARDIS may be trying to warn them…

In 1969, episode 4 of The Seeds of Death saw the Ice Warriors seed pods starting to appear all over the globe while Slaar sets a plan to kill the Second Doctor by T-matting him into space.

In 1975, episode 4 of The Ark in Space saw the Fourth Doctor desperate to save the humans still in cryogenic suspension from the creatures known as the Wirrn, who plan to use Earth as their new breeding ground.

In 1982, episode 1 of The Visitation sees the Fifth Doctor taking Tegan home to Earth and realising that something is wrong with the navigational controls, (there’s a surprise), the location may be correct but they’re 300 years or so out, and what’s more, there’s been a recent comet crash that wasn’t scheduled for Earth…

In 1983, episode 1 of Terminus saw Turlough, under orders by the Black Guardian causing trouble on the TARDIS by destabilising it, forcing it to latch onto the nearest spaceship for physical support, while Nyssa makes it across to the other ship just as it is being invaded.

In 1984, episode 2 of The Resurrection of the Daleks saw Davros seeking to solve a tiny issue brought up by the Movellans while the Daleks consider thanking the Fifth Doctor and the Time Lords for all their years of interest and attention, permanently.

That Jeffrey is a lot of episodes on your birthday!

Have a great day from everyone at PT including the Weevil.

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