Saturday, 20 February 2016

News Happy Birthday Douglas Mackinnon 20th February 2016

Happy Birthday

 Douglas Mackinnon

You celebrate your birthday with Anthony Head, Gerald Cross, Rex Tucker, George Waring, Elroy Josephs, Ian Scoones, Judy Cornwell, James Wilby, Lauren Ambrose and Aniji Mohindra.


In 2008, Episode 7 of Series 2, Torchwood: Dead Man Walking sees Dr Owen Harper brought back from the dead, along with Death, who came along for the ride.

In 1965, episode 2 of The Zarbi saw the First Doctor and his companions, Ian and Vicki captured by the Zarbi while Barbara meets with the butterfly like Menoptera that are desperate to reclaim the planet.

In 1971, episode 4 of The Mind of Evil saw the Third Doctor and Jo help captive while the Master manages to convince Mailer to help him steal the Thunderbolt.

Have a great birthday Douglas, albeit almost at an end, from everyone at Project: Torchwood.

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