Saturday, 6 February 2016

News Happy Birthday Christine Liddle 6th February 2016

Happy Birthday

 Christine Liddle

Christine, you celebrate your birthday with Carmen Gomez, Paul Reynolds, Nabil Elouahabi.


In 1965, episode 4, Inferno sees the Third Doctor imprisoned with a contagious Bromley after trying to convince the alternate Inferno team that breaking through the Earth’s crust is a very bad idea indeed.

In 1971, episode 2, The Mind of Evil, sees the Third Doctor this time called back to UNIT to help investigate the death of Cheng-Tiek’s murder, completely unaware that The Master is in full control of Chin-Lee.

In 2008, Season 2, Episode 4, Meat, saw Captain Jack and his team discover alien meat in the back of a Harwood’s lorry, and Harries & Harries brothers cutting into a live sentient at their meat factory.

Have a brilliant day, from everyone at Project: Torchwood.

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