Friday, 1 January 2016

News Happy Birthday 1st January

Happy Birthday

1st January

Colin Morgan (1986), Sophie Okonedo (1969), Margot Van der Burgh (1935-2008), Neve McIntosh (1972), Leonard Trolley (1918), Mohammad Shamsi (1930), Dave Martin (1935), Tony Wall (1940), Hugh Hayes (1950), Rupert Vansittart (1958), Navin Chowdhry (1971), Claire Calbraith (1974) and Andrea Lowe (1975).

In 1966, Doctor Who Episode The Volcano, which was part of the Series 8 story The Dalek’s Master Plan saw the First Doctor joining forces with secret agents Bret Vyon and Sara Kingdom in order to prevent Mavic Chen and the Daleks from building the Time Destructor.

In 1972, Episode 1 of Day of the Daleks starring the Third Doctor saw Guerrillas from the Dalek controlled 22nd Century time travel into the past in order to stop WW3.

In 1977, Episode 1 of The Face of Evil starring the Fourth Doctor, saw the Sevateem tribe worshipping the Xoanon, a crazy computer driven mad by the Doctor.

In 2007, Series 1, Episodes 12 & 13 Captain Jack Harkness & End of Days was broadcast.

Toshiko and Jack Harkness visit the past when they step inside The Ritz Dance Hall in Sage Road, following up reports of music at night from the old building. Ianto and Owen risk losing their Captain and fellow colleague Toshiko unless Owen is able to open the Rift.

Bilis Manger instigates a plan to release Abaddon, by causing mutiny within the ranks of Torchwood Three, but at what cost to the future of Earth?

If you celebrate your birthday today, know that you celebrate it with some amazing people. If you want to be added to our Birthday Shout Out list, do please get in touch.

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