Sunday, 29 November 2015

Reviews Torchwood: Forgotten Lives by DJ Forrest

Torchwood: Forgotten Lives

Written by Emma Reeves
Produced by James Goss for Big Finish Audios
Directed by Scott Handcock
Released November 2015
Reviewed by DJ Forrest

It’s been four years since the Miracle, Gwen and Rhys have a ‘normal’ life, looking after young daughter Anwen, and have a huge pile of laundry to work through. Rhys is no longer working haulage, and the pair live out their existence, off the radar, so about as normal as anyone who used to work for Torchwood.
Gwen receives an odd phone call from a resident at Bryn Offa nursing home in North Wales, informing her that Jack is in trouble. So, naturally, Gwen is intrigued.

It’s an amazing story and one I had to listen to properly, because it took that level of concentration to understand what the story was about and how well it linked into everything that Torchwood has been involved in. I liked that connection. It’s a wonderful tie in, and I did wonder at first how this was all going to pan out.

It’s also taken me a while to get used to Kai Owen as Rhys, having seen him play the role of paedo Pete in Hollyoaks. But within a few minutes of that lovely Welsh accent, and his formidable Rhys Williams vibe, I had soon settled. I’ve missed Rhys!
I also have to admit to getting somewhat excited about this story because Bryn Offa, and Wrecsam are very close to my place of birth, and it was so nice to hear the Welsh language in snippets in the story.

I am so glad that Big Finish rescued Torchwood and brought it back to us in tip top condition, with new stories with a tie in to the past, including new cast and crew, which include many of the old and familiar.
What’s even more exciting is learning that there’s a Series 2 in the making, having glimpsed at the list of Torchwood stories still to come.  And more audios still to purchase.

I am beyond happy right now!

As always, the end of the audio is the interview with Scott Handcock with the cast, writer and producer of the story. Stick around for that. These interviews are invaluable information.
The exciting thing I love about Big Finish Torchwood audios are the attention to detail in the artwork by Lee Binding and the photos inside of the cast and crew. So it’s no surprise to see the happy smiling faces of Eve Myles and Kai Owen with Philip Bond, Emma Reeves and Sean Carlson on the inside cover for this story.

The 21st century is when everything changes and Torchwood is ready!

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