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Locations From Out of the Rain

Season 2 Episode 10 – From out of the Rain

Hello my avid readers, I know I have been really quiet for the last few months.  I am truly and deeply sorry for not giving you any locations for a long while.  

This is one of the darker episodes and it terrified me as I have a thing, where I do not like circuses because of the creepy things there.  This episode had me hiding behind my cushion most of the time and only fed to my nightmares of the evil circus workers

Ynysangharad Park Swimming Pool, Pontypridd
This location is used where the Ghostmaker and Pearl talk about bringing back the others back.

How to get there:
Catch a train to Pontypridd from Cardiff Central Train Station
Once at Pontypridd Station - Exit the station onto the High Street,
Then head north, crossing the Broadway.
As you pass Mill Street, turn right and then cross the river to the park.
The swimming pool is to the north.
37 Romilly Crescent, Cardiff
This location is used for Jonathan’s home and Studio.  Multiple scenes are filmed here.  Especially when Jack points the camera at the Ghostmaker and he disappears when Jack exposes the film.  This location is used also when Jonathan is rushing to get inside with the film.
This property is a residential property, so if you do go there then bear this in mind.

How to get there:
Catch the Bus 33 from Westgate Street
Get off at Llandaff Road.
The entrance to the yard is on the east side of the road, near the bus stops by Glynne Street (to Cardiff Centre) and Carmarthen Street (to Fairwater etc).

The Paget Rooms and Victoria Road, Penarth
 These 2 locations were used to film the scenes inside the foyer and outside the Electro Cinema.

How to get there:
I have directed you to this area once before, so why not head over to the Guide for the episode from Season 1, Small Worlds.  You can get my directions there :p

Whitchurch Hospital, Park Road, Whitchurch, Cardiff, CF14 7XB
This location was used for the scene where Christina was being assisted by Jack in her wheelchair.  The scene is shot in the gardens and also on the bandstand.

How to get there:
By Train from Cardiff Central Station:
Catch Train to Coryton
Get off at Coryton and then exit the station
Turn left, heading down Park Road until you reach the hospital on the right-hand side.

By Bus:
Catch the Bus 26 (Stagecoach) from Lower St Mary Street - Stand JP
Stay on the Bus until you come to Whitchurch Hospital Entrance
Walk into the Gardens

Marine Parade, Penarth, CF64 3BG
This location is used for a number of shots.  First one is when a family are driving along the road, and the driver slams his brakes because he thinks he sees 2 people in the middle of the road.  Then the Ghostmaker appears in the car window.

How to get there:
There is no direct bus or train service, so my suggestion is to drive.  Use the Satnav or Google Maps to get to this one.

There are more locations in this episode so if you fancy a look - visit

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  1. The swimming pool at Pontypridd has just been massively renovated and rebuilt. It opened this summer. 😊