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Beyond the Hub Hollyoaks Review: Pete Buchanan by Kirsty Price

Hollyoaks Review:

Peter Buchanan

By Kirsty Price

I've always been a Hollyoaks fan but after the death of a favourite character, I stopped watching. I then heard on the grapevine that Kai Owen was going to be appearing so I decided to start re-watching, and what an explosive part he has.
Pete first arrived on the scene when his girlfriend Reenie McQueen was released from prison, and the looks of horror and shock from the McQueen daughters was plain to see. We were going to be in for a good one.

A far cry from the kind sweet Rhys we know, Pete is one nasty piece of work as we find out halfway through the storyline. Reenie's daughter, Porsche does not like Pete and we find out why when she has a screaming match with him. Alone in the house it all comes tumbling out what has happened in the past when she was a minor, only 15. Pete admits everything to her what he did, until the door opens and Reenie walks in along with Porsche's husband Lockie. The lies coming out of Pete's mouth fall out easily, its very similar to the ease Gwen had when she had to lie to Rhys, oh how the tables have turned.

The next thing we find out is there has been something going on between Pete and Reenie's youngest daughter Cleo. He helps her at first and is as nice as pie, making us think maybe he isn't a bad man, but behind closed doors it’s a different story. He seems like the charming, warm dad the McQueen daughters never had, but in reality he's a paedophile who has already abused Porsche and is now grooming Cleo. None of the sisters have confided in each other about their experiences, and so the cycle of abuse continues. He makes us, and Cleo, believe he loves her.

He soon moves on to Cleo's new friend who arrives in the village and the penny drops to the audience what he has been up to. History is repeating itself at the McQueen’s, Reenie having been abused when she was younger by her mum's at the time boyfriend, Derek. Reenie comes clean to Nana what Derek did to her, but no one realises how much history is repeating itself with Cleo and Pete, and Porsche and Pete.
We have also seen Pete chip away at the self-confidence of Celine, telling her things like how bad she cooks, or how fat she looks in a certain top. This is another form of abuse from Pete.

Soon this storyline will come to an end and Peter Buchanan will get his comeuppance and the McQueen’s will see him for what he really is. Pete will face justice for his abuse of the girls, and I for one am glad.

This role has been hard for Kai, a far cry from his role in Torchwood, both challenging and upsetting for him and his audience of followers.

If anyone is affected by the issues raised in the storyline in any way they can contact the NSPCC on 0808 800 5000. Or, if you are under 18, their Childline number is: 0800 1111. More details and information can be found on their website.

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