Monday, 30 November 2015

Articles Welcome to Issue 31 December 2015.

Issue 31
December 2015

Stolen Earth/Journey’s End Episode Breakdown

Interview with Peter Symonds

Beyond the Hub
Extinction by DJ Forrest
Hollyoaks: Pete Buchanan by Kirsty Price

Beyond the TARDIS
Jessica Jones

Stella by DJ Forrest

Who Reviews
Silver Nemesis by Tony J Fyler
The Underwater Menace by Jeffrey Zyra
Time Warrior by Tony J Fyler
Face the Raven by Jeffrey Zyra & Tony J Fyler
Heaven Sent by Jeffrey Zyra
The Zygon Inversion by Tony J Fyler

Torchwood Reviews
The Conspiracy by Jeffrey Zyra
Forgotten Lives by DJ Forrest

Big Finish Reviews+
The Rani Elite by Tony J Fyler

Happy December Birthdays

From Out of the Rain

Editor’s Note

With the end of Series 2 behind us, we take a break from Torchwood as it were and enjoy the two parter Doctor Who episodes: The Stolen Earth & Journey’s End, before relaxing over Christmas energising our batteries for January and the start of our Children of Earth journey.
We’ll be flying without a front cover until Sunday when one will appear all nice and shiny and new. Kind thoughts and sympathies go out to our Head Graphic Designer who received some very sad family news earlier on this week. 

Through gales and heavy rain battering the windows and shaking the very foundations, although that could be due to Abaddon wrecking the basement, we’re as usual working our way through festive ideas and plans for the website, most of which you’ll find posted up on our Facebook Page.

We’ve been enjoying a lot of reviews this month especially in the Who department. Jeff and Tony have been pretty busy putting together some articles for you guys to read. Incidentally, if anyone wishes to write a review of Who or Torchwood in whatever capacity, be it audio, book, episode, or even merchandise, then drop us a line on our Facebook Page or on our Twitter Page or email us – addresses are on our Contact page.

This month saw The Cleaners begin filming their new drama serial. Be sure to give them a follow on Twitter and Facebook.
As usual I’m certain there’s something I’ve forgotten to mention but likely I’ll catch up with you all over on our social pages.

So now without further ado,

Welcome to Issue 31


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