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Articles Welcome to Issue 30 Exit Wounds

Issue 30

Exit Wounds

Contents Guide & Editor’s Note

Defenders of the Earth by Tony J Fyler
Episode Breakdown: Exit Wounds
Interview with Justin Walters & Craig Handley
aka The Cleaners

Beyond the Hub
Batman Reskinned by DJ Forrest
Malcolm Merlyn by Tamie Wiggins
Everest Film Review by Jann Tarrant

Who Reviews
Full Circle by Tony J Fyler
Survival by Tony J Fyler
Waters of Mars by DJ Forrest
The Girl Who Died/The Woman Who Lived
By Jeffrey Zyra
The Zygon Invasion by Jeffrey Zyra

(TW) Reviews
The Conspiracy Audio Review by DJ Forrest
Fall to Earth Audio Review by DJ Forrest

Eastenders Part 3 (final)
Grange Hill Part 2 (final)
Toshiko Sato
Dr. Owen Harper

Big Finish Reviews+
The Holy Terror by Tony J Fyler
Assassination Games by Tony J Fyler

Happy November Birthdays

Editor’s Note

It’s been a reasonably busy month at the Hub especially with the new Torchwood audios to review. I’m still chuckling over Fall to Earth with Gareth David-Lloyd as Ianto and it was nice to listen to the enthusiasm of Captain Jack Harkness in the first of the audio dramas The Conspiracy.
Our Who reviews were larger this month too, with three from Series 9 to add.

We have a cracking interview with The Cleaners aka Justin Walters and Craig Handley who give us more of an insight into their new drama with a familiar cast line up. Be sure to check that out.

It’s our last Eastenders and Grange Hill Connections this month; we’ll be researching brand new ones in Issue 31.

This month also sees the final episode breakdown of Torchwood series 2. Hankies at the ready! It’s always a sad one, no matter how many times you watch it.
Tony’s look back at Toshiko and Owen’s lives in Torchwood is well worth a read, as we honour those we have lost.

This month has also been an exciting time for me, as the film Bad Blood by Infinity Films premiered at our local Hall and could be broadcast through Netflix or Amazon Prime at some point. Can’t wait for that! It was a great experience and I would encourage anyone to try their hand at acting, be it at the forefront or as a background artist. It’s the best experience ever.

This month also saw my time at the WW1 museum, The Devil’s Porridge in Dumfries & Galloway come to an end. It’s been a fantastic experience, and I now know a lot more about Cordite and the girls who mixed it by hand back in the days before Health & Safety. You can find out more about the museum by visiting:

Despite their knowledge of the Great War, there was another war listed on their book shelf that I don’t even think they’d noticed. Sometimes the best errors are the ones you’re not aware of, and it only takes a Whovian like me, to point it out.

If you happen to visit The Devil’s Porridge Museum at any point, this year or in the future, and the Book title is still listed as this, be sure to take a selfie with it and send it in to us at the usual address.

So, without further ado, Welcome to Issue 30 – Exit Wounds!



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