Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The Coffee Shop All New Caption Competition Rules

All New Caption Competition

For two years we’ve asked you guys to post your comments/captions on two pictures that we felt were ideal for the competition every month but now we feel it’s time for a change.  Instead, we’re asking you guys to find a suitable screenshot/screencap from a search engine, unless you have, like many of us do, a serious amount of saved screensavers on numerous disks to adorn your computer screens.  Come on, admit it, you do, even you at the back there with the geeky ‘I love Torchwood’ peaked cap.

Now, you can enter as many times as you want, with a different image, not with the same one reposted (reposting will do you no favours), and we’ll choose the ones with the most LIKES and the wittiest caption.  We’ll post up the best dozen on here.

You can post to our Facebook Page or to Twitter using our username, hashtag CaptionComps and hashtag the episode we’re covering that month.  For example, this month we’re covering Fragments so we expect to see.
@ProTorchwood #CaptionComps #TWFragments

You can add the comment to the picture or below it if it is easier. 

This as always is just a bit of fun so please get involved and who knows, your Captions may feature on The Coffee Shop wall which Ianto has often said is a little drab and needs a touch of colour. 


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