Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Articles Welcome to Issue 28 - September 2015

Issue 28


Cover, Content Guide, Editor’s Note
Episode Breakdown – Adrift

Ian Edginton Interview by DJ Forrest

The Coffee Shop
New Caption Comp Rules

Big Finish Reviews+
Mask of Tragedy by Tony J Fyler
Cradle of the Snake by Tony J Fyler
Last Adventure by Tony J Fyler

Who Reviews
Power of Three by Tom J Toaduff
Dinosaurs on a Spaceship by Tom J Toaduff
The Trial of a Time Lord by Tony J Fyler

Eastenders Part 1 by DJ Forrest
What We Did On Our Holidays by DJ Forrest

September Birthdays

Expo & Cons
My Cardiff Adventure by Claudia Lindner

Adrift by Tony J Fyler

The Whoniverse Round-Up
The Whovians News
I Am Alone News

Editor’s Note

I know we always say it, but where does a month go? It seems only last week that I was planning out what articles were to be written, contacting all relevant people for interviews and delegating the team and finding a new location for the coffee and biscuits – Weevils, hmm.  

There are a few items missing on our Content Guide this month, purely because a lot of the team are outside of the Universe saving the planet, well that’s what the Doctor assures me he’s doing, I can’t really account for everyone else.

Toshiko is away on her hols, yes, I do allow the team to take holidays, so long as they bring back gifts I don’t mind.  Owen brought back a magic cube for Joshua, and as the word would imply, it’s vanished. 

Locations will be back hopefully next month, and the Doctor now owes me 3!!!
We have a new Caption Comp idea that we’ve already posted on our Facebook Page but thought we’d share here too, be sure to check that out in The Coffee Shop. 
Be sure also to check out The Whoniverse Round-Up this month for cool info regarding a new web series, AND the Somerset Film Festival.

We have two great Connections and yes, I finally finished the Eastenders article, although given it was 54 pages in length, we’ve broken it down into 3 portions. 

We have a brilliant interview with writer Ian Edginton be sure to read that as there’s a link to listen to his new audio trailer with Big Finish.

Claudia Lindner entertains us with her Cardiff trip to see John Barrowman in concert.  You have to read it; the photos accompanying the article are wonderful.  I so can’t wait to return to that wonderful city.

The episode breakdown and the front cover are running late, but fear not, they will make an appearance before the end of the week, so long as there are no glitches beyond our control.

Anyway, without much further ado, Welcome to Issue 28 – Adrift. 


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