Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Welcome to Issue 26 - Something Borrowed

Contents Guide for Issue 26

Something Borrowed Cover Page
Content Guide & Editor’s Note
Episode Breakdown – Something Borrowed

Rhys Williams

Birthday Shout Outs for July

Who Reviews
Blink by DJ Forrest
Utopia/Sound of Drums by Tony J Fyler
A Good Man Goes to War by Tom Toaduff
The War Games by Jeff Zyra

Big Finish Reviews+
The Spectre of Lanyon Moor by Tony J Fyler

Something Borrowed Review by DJ Forrest

Eastenders (late posting)

Something Borrowed by John Bond-Winstone

The Coffee Shop
Something Borrowed Captions Comp
Rhys Williams

Editor’s Note

I fear that I must apologise in advance to those countless people who have been suffering from the appalling weather conditions of late – I cannot lie, the fault lies solely with our resident Weevil, Joshua.  Who thought in his wisdom that it might be exciting to lob a spanner into the works, literally?  The magnetic field around the Rift was thrown into a kind of frenzy and some calls from Scotland reported all 4 seasons in one day, and within the space of one hour.  We can only apologise, but at this point, are not too sure how best to punish the Weevil, as suspending him by his ankles from the tallest hotel in Cardiff has proven a little counter productive.

All suggestions are welcome however, email or post onto social sites what punishment befits a meddlesome Weevil. 

This month’s issue covers Something Borrowed, one of our favourite episodes of Torchwood.  Gags aplenty and some really scary Nostrovites to boot, it’s been a real treat re-watching this episode.

Our Connections this month will be published later on in the week as given that it covers an expanse of 30 years of one of Britain’s popular soaps, it’s fair to say that research has taken far longer than estimated.  It just means that I’m saving the best till last!!!

No interviews this month but plenty in the pipeline. 

Once again I want to thank everyone who participated in our little Issue this month.  We hope you all enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

Welcome to Issue 26 – Something Borrowed.


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