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Expo & Cons Jann Tarrant Miracle Day II Experience

Miracle Day II Experience

By Jann Tarrant

Along with a fellow Kiwi and my oldest son we journeyed all the way from the land of the Long white cloud to be there.... I had missed MDI so I had no idea what to expect from this event.  To be honest the choice of hotel did put me off but certainly not enough to deter me.  Bottom line for me - three words.... Gareth David Lloyd, whom I adore, was going to be there.

Armed with my very best UK friend and my other travelling buddies we coached it to Heathrow from Cardiff a buzz with excitement.

The guest list was impressive so we all knew we were in for a fun weekend. 

I only had two gripes so will get that out of the way, the usual queues for photo-shoots was stressful especially as many folk including myself were disabled.  The con organisers managed this as best as they could, but the hotel corridors were too narrow and the lines of folk waiting were a bit chaotic. I think a different space should have been chosen for this..... There was also no dealer’s room, I guess I was used to this at the Hub cons of years past; it would have been nice to see some vendors there.

The opening ceremony was fairly short, but very sweet... JB wasn't there for this and Kai took great pleasure in ribbing him in his absence. The highlight was Eve in leggings and boots roly-polling on to the stage to everyone's laughter and James Marster's facial expression was priceless.....

The meet n greet session was fun, though being a gold ticket holder I expected less people and there were 300 of us crammed around tables, I expected a free drink at least but no just the chance to have a few minutes with each guest at the table.  It was a lot of fun actually.  I met some lovely German ladies.... Eve squealed at my tattoo of Ianto which resulted in a brief snog with Gareth.... No complaints there.... But all the guests were relaxed and good humoured and slowly more lubricated as the night went on....sitting next to Gareth and then James Marsters, well you can imagine.... Lots.....

The following morning was taken up with photo shoots and signings.... Thankfully Malcolm Houghton was behind the camera, a veteran of these kind of events so I knew the pics would not disappoint. The actors were all very willing to let loose and it was a lot of fun and I think most people were very chuffed with their pics. 

Of special note was John Barrowman’s very kind words to my transgender son/daughter and genuine interest in how things were going for him/her (or they which is the term my baby prefers).  I was brought to tears.  What a lovely man John is.

The panels came in the afternoon which was a great way to recover from the madness of the morning.  To be honest I can't really remember the order.  Some of the questions people asked were rather ridiculous and Kai, never one to hold back said as much, but everything was very good natured...

Highlights?  Well Kai is in Hollyoaks now and we all know about it.  

Eve talking about her fight scene on the beach in Broadchurch and how her husband enjoys watching her in bed with another man (on the telly).  

Gareth and Kai answering with honesty and intelligence about Welsh independence and culture, and about strength in the UK’s unity.  

Gareth talking about the delights of being back on stage in 12 Angry Men. 

John talking about equality and how he shoots his bow in Arrow....

James Marsters advice...."Come away from this convention with new friends and new contacts and build relationships with the people you meet there.", and his admission to this weekend being the craziest con he has ever attended....we're all nuts. 

Naoko eating her lunch at the foot of the stage until a chair is found and, also her very cheeky face when she is thinking something naughty.  Naoko also spoke about her experiences in the film "Everest" and made a passionate plea for support for Nepal after the recent earthquakes.

This gang of actors are familiar to many of us, more than that many fans know one another too so it's such a social and lively weekend.  I didn't go to the parties, because my health is naff and I wanted to sit with my mates and enjoy their conversation without loud music, but I am told the parties were a good laugh.

I know Gareth fairly well, having followed his band Blue Gillespie and worked on Casimir Effect.  So was delighted once again to spend a bit of time with his beautiful family and he also took my iPad and made a photo of me and my gang of mates together....Also I got some pics of the family.

I guess really something like this is where you reconnect with mates, make new ones and let your inner geek shine. 

Day two worked on a similar line to day one and was just as good.  I was happy to get lots of hugs from Gareth and a chat about life here in NZ and there in Wales, we are both happy with where we live.
There was also a man dressed in pink and yellow spandex who was dubbed the Thundercunt and generated a lot of laughs.  Ianto's shrine also made an appearance in the fancy dress competition as well as a drop dead gorgeous man dressed as Captain Jack.

The sad part was Monday morning and saying goodbye to friends and realising that it was all over and it was time to get back to the real world.

It is perhaps not the most detailed review, but the weekend has been added to my list of precious memories that help me get through bad days and enhance my good days with big smiles.... Enjoy the photos I took.

Credit: Gwynn Reece Photography


  1. Sounds great! Thanks for the review! :)

  2. Wonderful Love the last one between JB and GDL!