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Interviews The Conspiracy Interview with David Llewellyn by DJ Forrest

The Conspiracy Interview with David Llewellyn

It’s been a long time coming – the return of one of our favourite sci fi dramas, and although it’s not back on the television screen but audio, it’s still something to celebrate.  When the news came through that Big Finish were going to be broadcasting the audios, our resident Weevil dove for cover, hands over his ears, eyes tightly shut as we whooped loudly in the office.  Yes, dear friends – Torchwood is back!

The title of the new audio released by Big Finish is The Conspiracy but the details of the story are still a mystery – much of the description is blotted out like a WWII telegram.  It gave us something to whet our appetite though, and as ever I wanted to know more.  So I asked the writer of the new story David Llewellyn to shed some more light on the new range of Audios by Big Finish.

Hi David, are these the TW audios that John Barrowman announced earlier on this year that will involve the full team?

David: These are indeed the audios that John Barrowman announced earlier in the year! I was asked quite early on, back in late 2014, to write a spec script for a possible first episode, but at the time didn't know how many episodes were being planned. But yes, as announced on Sunday there will be six episodes in total, including mine.

Are you writing, or have you written more than one story for the series of audios that are coming out?

David: At present, I've only written 'The Conspiracy', but I'd love to write more Torchwood. It's always fun.

Back in our first year, when we interviewed you as part of the Consequences novel - Baby Farmers - is the story ‘The Conspiracy’ set in the past or the present?

David: It will fit within the series' continuity, so I guess you could say it's in the present, but it's set before the events of Children of Earth.

With Torchwood off the air on the television, how will the stories play out, given the last we saw was Miracle Day and read The Exodus Code - which direction will the stories take, and will they be like many of the old Classic Who dramas, that continue to play individual stories long after the series has ended. 

David: I've honestly no idea, as I haven't read any of the other scripts that are in the pipeline. But there's so much scope with audio plays, as there is with novels, to tell stories that are simply too ambitious to attempt on screen, and there's plenty of unexplored Torchwood and Captain Jack history, too. As for how this series will pan out after 'The Conspiracy', we'll just have to wait and see!

So there you have it.  Torchwood is back and the new story will begin in September this year, with the next story in January till May 2016. 

You can pre-order ‘The Conspiracy’ on the Big Finish website.

The physical CD audio is £9.99 but you can order a digital download for the much cheaper price of £7.99.  If you’re anything like me, you’ll want the hard copy, to read the inscriptions and admire the artwork by Lee Binding. 

‘The Conspiracy’ is directed by Scott Handcock.  It stars John Barrowman as the awesome Captain Jack Harkness, John Sessions as Wilson, Sarah Ovens as Kate and Dan Bottomley as Sam. 

It was recorded on 30th April 2015, and if while you’re on the Big Finish website, check out the awesome photos of John Barrowman recording his parts from the studio in LA. 

Definitely worth a view. 

Thank you to David Llewellyn for our Torchwood interview.  The Author photo is by Jon Pountney.

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