Thursday, 28 May 2015

Who Reviews Target Zone: The Android Invasion by Simon Mallinson

002 Doctor Who and Android Invasion

By Terrance Dicks
Published by Target Books November 1978
Cover artist: Roy Knipe
ISBN: 0-426-20037-3
Reviewed by Simon Mallinson

The Doctor and Sarah arrive safely on Earth or do they?

Why does the mysterious soldier march straight over a cliff, then reappear unharmed?

Why are they attacked by the sinister mechanics with built in guns for hands?

Why is the picturesque country village at first deserted then filled with mindless zombies?

And why are their best friends suddenly trying to kill them?

The Doctor has stumbled on a cunning alien plan to take over the Earth.  Will he be in time to defeat the deadly Kraals and their terrifying android invasion?

Sometimes with books the story is better in the mind than seen visually.  This story is one of these.

Maybe this was a filler story, but as I remember and recently refreshed myself by watching the story, this may be not a good one to show a prospective fan.  It takes us to that part of love where we are very really tested.

Now I got that off the chest, I can heartily say the pen is mightier than the camera on this occasion.  Terrance Dicks keeps faithfully to the script but the way he describes the setting and the mood is absolutely brilliant.

From the start of the book I was drawn in with the interplay between the Doctor and Sarah, which has been played to the max.  You get the feeling that they both really do care about each other a lot, and as a team they are unstoppable, apart maybe just dangerous.

The tempo of the story starts fast and propels itself at quite a pace, various characters are explored and dealt with in a new light, and the deviousness of the Kraals is cranked up to maximum velocity.  Also at the end you really feel for the dozy but honourable (ok in his own way) Crawford.

This book is a must for a rainy day as it will cheer you up and bring a smile to your face.

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