Friday, 1 May 2015

The Whoniverse Round-Up April - May 2015

The Whoniverse Round Up


Hi Folks, 

Our Whovian Elections are hotting up, with Captain Jack Harkness tipped to take the governing chair of High Protector of the Earth, unless Ianto ‘Coffee Boy’ Jones sneaks up and steal it from him.  There are only a few votes in it.  There is still plenty of time to vote, with the Election ending two days before the UK’s General Election.

Check out how to Vote in our – The Election So Far article on the Articles Page. 

Cast and crew of Doctor Who were out in the sunshine this month, filming for Series 9, and special thanks to Richard Ashton, for the superb photo of the 12th and a wardrobe change for the Doctor!  I want those boots!

If anyone has any photos they want to share of their meetings with cast and crew of the Whoniverse, we’d love to hear from you!

There are many programmes we look forward to a return of, especially Sherlock, and with the filming almost finished by director Douglas Mackinnon, on the Special, we really can’t wait to see the end result.  We’ve missed those two elementary detectives of Baker Street, London.  


It’s the start of the Cymraeg Machfest 1st – 3rd Mai. (May) 
Jams Thomas (Hospital Porter – Everything Changes) will be appearing with Daniel Glyn on Saturday 1pm, at Canolfan Owain Glyndwr – Dinas, tickets £7, see poster for more details:-

In less than 10 days the Miracle Day 2 event will be held in London, where fans of Torchwood will see a host of their favourite stars all under one roof.  To everyone who is going to this event, have a fantastic time, say hi to all the stars from everyone at Project Torchwood.  We sadly can’t make it to the event but we are sure that you guys will report back with photos that we can share on the site. 

If you have any events you would like us to post to the site, please email us at:, or find us on Twitter and Facebook – links to those on our Contact Page

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