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Articles Welcome to Issue 24 - Dead Man Walking

Issue 24

Dead Man Walking

Content Guide

Editor Note
Episode Breakdown – Dead Man Walking
Project: Torchwood’s Whovian Elections May 2015 –
The Whovian Elections So Far

Dead Man Walking Review by DJ Forrest

Birthday Shout Outs Apology

Waterloo Road

Dead Man Walking

Fans Fiction
Captain Jack Harkness meets Marcel Proust
by Claudia Lindner
Captain Jack Harkness meets Chris Isherwood
by Claudia Lindner

Big Finish Reviews+
The Darkness of Glass by Jeffrey Zyra
The English Way by Jeffrey Zyra
The Exxilons by Jeffrey Zyra


The Whoniverse Round-Up
Whovian Elections
Doctor Who
Miracle Day 2 event

Hi Guys,

It’s been as ever a busy time for us at the Hub, dealing with Whovian Elections and a rather over excited Weevil – still trying to figure out if this has anything to do with the Spring weather – bitterly cold and snowing, or there’s something he’s not telling us. 

The Whovian Elections is dominating a lot of our time at the moment, which is great, but has meant that a few of our regular articles have been put to one side for this month.  There are no Captions for this month, we’ll be adding them next month instead.  Plus our Birthday Shout Outs are taking a Back seat for a while – more on that in our News Page. 

Short and sweet, but we want to say thank you to Douglas Mackinnon, Richard Ashton and Jams Thomas for their permission to post info on our Whoniverse Round Up Page.  We also want to say a Special Thank You to our Toshiko for the time spent on producing the awesome Whovian Elections Posters, and to the 9th Doctor for putting up the ePolls for us and sharing with everyone he knew on social sites, and to Tony and Jeffrey for their help in putting the policies together for each of the candidates.  You guys are awesome!

So without further ado,

Welcome to Issue 24!

And remember, if you want to get involved in our next or future Issues, email us, or message us on our social network sites. 


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