Monday, 30 March 2015

Who Reviews Issue 8 Ghosts of India by Simon Mallinson

Ghosts of India
By Mark Morris


Reviewed by Simon Mallinson
Published in 2008 by BBC Books
ISBN 978-1-846-07559-9

India in 1947 is a country in the grip of chaos - a country torn apart by internal strife. When the Doctor and Donna arrive in Calcutta, they are instantly swept up in violent events.

Barely escaping with their lives, they discover that the city is rife with tales of 'half-made men', who roam the streets at night and steal people away. These creatures, it is said, are as white as salt and have only shadows where their eyes should be.

With help from India's great spiritual leader, Mohandas 'Mahatma' Gandhi, the Doctor and Donna set out to investigate these rumours.

What is the real truth behind the 'half-made men'? Why is Gandhi's role in history under threat? And has an ancient, all-powerful god of destruction really come back to wreak his vengeance upon the Earth?

Featuring the Tenth Doctor and Donna as played by David Tennant and Catherine Tate in the hit Doctor Who series from BBC Television.

Mark has written a good story with this book, again he has portrayed The Doctor very well and Donna wow, she nearly came out of the book and hit me.

The story is well written with a lot of care given to a historical period which would divide some people.  The characters are very convincing; the monster does start to make you think.

I am coming to think that Mark is a very good horror writer, as this book tends to make the goose bumps appear if reading at night, also you tend to start looking at people in a different light.

Again people I would advise everyone to read this book, at the very least watching Jewel in the Crown will never be the same again.  Top marks Mark, keep on writing this calibre of work and you be a household name in no time.



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