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Interviews Interview with Freelance author Cavan Scott

Interview with Freelance Author Cavan Scott

Captain Jack is back with the Doctor

The Doctor Who Titan comic comes out in March how many stories have you planned for the 9th Doctor and Jack, and will there be any stories involving the 10th Doctor with Jack, or is there a point of order with the Titan comics where you can only write one series of stories for one Doctor at a time?

Cavan: Well, at the moment it’s just one story that stretches over the five-issues of the mini-series, although I must admit I have a little batch of potential stories stored up just in my head in case Titan ask for more!

There’s no rules that you can’t write for more than one Doctor – Robbie Morrison writes for both the Tenth and the Twelfth. I’d certainly love to have a crack at Doctor number 10!

How much fun was it writing the 9th Doctor story involving Jack Harkness?

Cavan: Oh, more than you can imagine. I love Jack and the Doctor together – there’s lot of banter, between all three leads. And Jack’s such a great contrast to the 9th Doctor, although they’re more similar than either will admit.

You’re signing copies of the comic at Forbidden Planet in March for the launch of the new Who stories, when and where is that?

Cavan: It’s happening at the Bristol Forbidden Planet Megastore at 6pm on March 18. I’ll also be at the London Super Comic Con signing comics on March 14, as well as appearing on a special Titan Doctor Who panel.

When Jack was with the Doctor his character was so much darker than when he was with Torchwood, will he be like this in your story too?

Cavan: Absolutely. Our Jack is definitely a cheeky chappie, yet to be weighed down by immortality.

From the covers I saw on your website there are more than one 9th Doctor story, will Jack feature in these too?

Cavan: It’s just the one story, although every issue has multiple covers. Variant covers have become a big thing in comics these day, with fans trying to collect as many as they can.

Whose decision was it to bring Jack back to Doctor Who?

Cavan: As far as I recall, Jack was part of the conversation from the get-go. We saw so little, relatively speaking, of the Doctor, Rose and Jack together in the 2005 series, but it’s obvious from Boom Town that they’ve been travelling together for a while. This seemed too good an opportunity to miss.

Captain Jack Harkness back in Doctor Who is fantastic news and with the prospect of Torchwood radio plays in the near future, it’s almost a sweet revival of the time travelling agent.  How will he fit into the stories and given his time line, the novels, audios and tv episodes for Torchwood and Who?

Cavan: The comic takes place just after The Doctor Dances, so it’s early in his relationship with the Doctor.

Also with time lines and Who fiction novels involving Jack with the 9th, were you given instructions as to when and where you could base the stories?

Cavan: Not really. Editor Andrew James was kind enough to ask me which Doctor I’d like to pitch for. The Ninth Doctor was a bit of a non-brainer for me. I loved writing for him – and Jack and Rose – in the Big Finish / AudioGo 50th Anniversary story Night of the Whisper. I always said that if I had a chance to write for that TARDIS team again, I’d jump at it, so here I am!

You’ve been involved in a lot of spin offs from Doctor Who over the years, which must keep you busy!  Plus also writing for one of my favourite comics, (Beano) how do you manage your time when you’re writing and meeting your deadlines and being a family man?

Cavan: Writing is my full-time job so I make sure I treat it as such. I’m sat at my desk at 9am and work through until 5.30. I used to be a magazine editor so I’m pretty hot on deadlines and keeping plates spinning. Most of the time, none of them smash – although some of them get a little chipped from time to time!

Can you divulge what the story will be about or must we wait and see?

Cavan: Well, I can’t give too many spoilers, but the thrust of the story is that the Doctor and his friends get caught in the middle of a battle between two alien races called the Unon and the Lect. It soon becomes clear that there are weightier issues at hand. Someone is attempting to replace the Time Lords in the pecking order of the universe – and the Doctor isn’t happy about that at all!

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